Gafford and draft?

Could be possIbly come back if he was middle of the 1st round?

Daniel - if he chose to come out - would be at the mercy of teams wanting to take a chance on his potential.

That could come from anywhere from the middle to the end of the first round.

His decision will be simply this - does he want to go now for pretty good money or go higher next season for great money.

Also whether he wants to take the chance on injury although he could take out an insurance policy based on his projected value.

My guess right now is that he is coming back, but that could change

Here is my question, if Gafford leaves (I wouldn’t question his decision as a first rounder) and Garland never gets cleared, who is CMA looking at for next year? You have to assume we would need two new guys, or does CMA just run with an 11 man roster?

Well said. If he comes out this year. He’ll be the 6th or 7th best big man coming out. Which as you mentioned could have him going anywhere from mid-late first round. Next year barring unforeseen circumstances he’ll be the 2nd or 3rd best big man coming out.

This year’s big men that’s ahead of him would be - DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, Jaren Jackson, Mo Bomba, Wendall Carter, and Robert Williams. And Possibly guys like Austin Wiley and Mitchell Robinson who were ineligible this year. Both of these guys were early-mid first rounder projections before they were declared ineligible. Some good combine workouts and their stock could easily rise back up.

Next year Bol Bol would be the top big man coming out. After that not many notable PF/C coming out. I could easily see Gafford being the clear second best big man in that draft.

I am sure that Coach Anderson and his staff are doing their due diligence, but I don’t have any basketball names to toss out right now.