When you have a good PG with very good vision and passing skills who’s making barely 1 out of 10 three point shots, he’s costing you close games unnecessarily. Nobody’s guarding him at the 3 point line now. They are inviting (actually begging) him to shoot 3’s. If he lucks one in, teams are still not guarding him because they know, odds are, he’ll miss the next 9. We’re half way through the season. He’s proven he can’t make 3s at even a .250 pace. He’s at .135, so no team is going to guard him out there, thus we gain nothing by him jacking 3s. Think about it, he’s not missing contested 3s, they are almost all open 3s. He also had a red-shirt year when, I’m sure he shot thousands of 3 point shots in our practice facility.

IMO, he’s too valuable at the PG position to bench. Just make him a little more valuable by stopping the 3 point shots. We have a back-up PG who shoots well (50%+ on 2s and 35% on 3s) in Desi, but he’s barely over 1-1 in assist/TO ratio. If Desi can improve his ball handling and passing, which I think he will, at some point I might start him or at least give him more of Harris’ minutes.

Hopefully, if they haven’t already, the staff will work hard with Harris on his 3s over the summer and fall. If he could shoot them at even a .300 to .330 clip, he could be a great PG. If he can’t get there, I would expect an improving Desi or Justice to supplant him next year.

Yea I agree but it’s really no excuse for dude not to be putting the ball in the whole being as wide open as is normally is… The first thing you learn to do when you pick up a basketball is to shoot it, especially a guard…

And the teams free throw shooting is just…a disgrace no reason scholarship basketball players should be that horrible as a team at the free throw strip that’s not on coaching that’s on the players 100 %

We are 322nd in FT percentage.

If we just shoot at 70% were undefeated this year, it’s extremely unfortunate that we’ve been so bad at the line this year. Outside of Mason Jones it’s been absolutely horrible. Guys like Gabe and Reggie should have locked themselves in the gym this off-season and worked on free throws all break. There’s no excuse for shooting free throws below 40%. You should never be in the 20s and 30s on free throws I don’t care who you are.

A player becomes a liability when they can’t hit FT’s better than 30-40-50 pct. they probably not a high percentage shooter beyond 8-10 feet as well. Even if they are a top rebounder & defender, late in games that are close when FT’s are crucial, opponents know who to foul. When you have 3 or more poor FT shooters on the court late in games. Do the math.

There’s no need to do any math! The comment about being undefeated if we made free throws is very true. My little girl plays on a 4 th grade pee wee basketball team and they shot their free throws at about 50%. I hope they can focus and improve.
As for Harris and the 3 point shot he need to be hitting there’s no excuses.
Joe needs to show he can drive to the hole and finish.
Jones and Gafford can’t do it all so the rest of the players have to pick it up.
Desi may be the offensive answer down the road.