For all of you that want Gabe jacking up 3’s I guess you will continue to get your wish.

Lol, he jacks up 3’s & makes bad passes.

That one was an absolute scud missile!! SMH

Amazing that it continues to happen. Should be very simple for Mike to nip in the bud, if you shoot a 3 you get to sit by me. If he’d just play his role he can give you valuable mins.

I guess the coach is ok with him jacking up threes

Does not make sense to me

Well he takes another one and of course it’s a BRICK. Then the foul on the other end.
He sees Harris coming up the baseline and fails to read the pass that should have been a dunk and a TO. Compounded by another stupid foul.

Just think we have the worst football program in the SEC and after this basketball season we will have the worst basketball program. I would never have believed that this would ever be possible.

Mike pulled him after that shot and planted his butt on the bench.

I finally agree that under no circumstance should he ever shoot a 3.

He took a couple of shots. I don’t have a problem with it.

The only shots he needs to take are put back off rebounds where he can dunk!
Sending him to the free throw line is a ware of time as well.
He has a role on this team and it’s defense and offensive rebounding.

He probably shouldn’t be shooting it, but what made today’s shot so egregious was it was 2 seconds after he crossed halfcourt. Way, way, way too early in the shot clock. He needs only to shoot when he’s the last option.

He shouldn’t end up with the ball late in the shot clock. Period!


He shouldn’t end up with the ball late in the shot clock. Period!

[/quote]Well, you know, things happen.


Yes they do but with him shooting from the outside the result is never good. I hate to see him touch the ball on the offensive end of the floor.


I understand and I agree with you. I cringe when he gets the ball. That said, you can’t play four on five on the offfensive end.

You put him at the free throw line or the short corner opposite of Gafford. Never out high.

And yet, Harris has a worse 3-point shooting percentage than Gabe. And, Harris is putting up 3s at triple the rate Gabe is. Neither one should shoot another 3 point shot the rest of the year. I’d almost bet you a couple of our close losses would have been wins if Harris had not tried to shoot a 3 all year. He lucked in one tonight, and followed that up with 3 more that were bricks. You’d think that a guy who is making 1.3 threes out of every 10 attempts would eventually figure out why opponents always leave him open to shoot beyond the 3 point line.

He’s a point guard he’s suppose to take those open threes and it’s his job to knock them down…you can’t live with a point guard who can’t make an open three

You seem to understand his role on this team better than he does and that’s a darn shame. The other sad part of that is “You play like you practice” these problems need to be fixed in practice or you don’t see the floor in a game. As I said on another tread someone show him a video of Dennis Rodman playing please, so he knows you don’t have to score to be important to your team !! WPS

Your right Harris needs to stop jacking them up too! But at some point a point guard is going to put it up. He needs to put a lot of work in shooting.