Gabe seriously deserves kudos tonight...

Folks routinely dog him for his lack of on-court basketball success (except for taking charges), and perhaps deservedly so.

But CMA said during his pre-game presser that we would have to fight for every rebound and loose ball (not our strong points thus far) if we were to steal a road victory.

Seemed to me 22 was in there getting way more than his fair share of those.

Well done, young sir.

I have not had a problem with Gabe. I think he has a lot of upside. Pretty athletic 6’7 -6’8 guy. Still developing.

I’ve been hard on him because he’s notorious for doing something great for the team and then do something extremely foolish. Other than shooting 3’s, I’d say he did well this game. If he continues doing what he did tonight, then I’ll shut up.

First 3 was halfway down before popping out. If he is wide open I don’t mind an occasional 3.

Good rebounder and played a big role today.


He is 2-11 this year shooting the 3 ball!
The only time he should take a 3 is if he has the ball in his hand beyond the 3 point line with the shot clock running out, period.
He is at this point in his development a rebounder, defender and should get 99% of his points on putbacks…Rodman like.

Go Hogs!

Let’s hope 22 plays well this yr…I give up trying to pronounce his name…

I noticed the PA guy at A&M was getting it right. Good for him (the PA guy). Good for Gabe too.

Before the game he was shooting 26% for all shots. But, he’s a great hustler.

I only have one problem with Gabe that usually overshadows his hustle and hard work - 3-pt shooting. He must stop. I don’t care how many he hits in practice. We don’t need him to shoot the 3. EVER. We need him to be Draymond Green esq. Be the glue of the defense. Don’t worry about scoring. Be the leader of the D! Aside from 0-2 from behind the line tonight, he was awesome for us.

I wince when he shoots the 3 but if it’s wide open late in the shot clock (under 15 seconds) and it comes within the flow of the offense, I don’t mind it. Jalen has a horrible percentage as well, but has hit a couple as of late. But Gabe is coming around; played some big minutes as Gafford was on the bench. If he keeps improving, some may figure out that MA knows what he’s doing.

Oh I have no doubt Gabe has potential to be special within what he does. And we need what he can do. He can get so much better too. He reminds me of Jacorey. Not saying he’ll turn into him offensively, but just the rawness that needs to get into his late 3rd year and 4th year before he matures.

The one where an OP started a thread about how Gabe deserves kudos for his play, tonight, and then almost everyone who responded piled on him. Typical.

I don’t have a problem with him taking threes. I hope he continues to take them and gets better. We need it.

I wish he would take more. I wish most of these guys would take more. We pass up to many open looks and it kills tempo.

I’d be willing to bet Mike will accept a bad shot or two from Gabe in exchange for the effort and the charges and even dropping a dime or two. He has probably told Gabe if they leave you open, shoot it.

I remember in the UNLV heyday, Tark told the Rebels if you bust your butt on defense, I will never pull you for taking bad shots. Mike may tell the kids something similar.

I love Gabe’s hustle and passion he has a role on this team and that is to defend,rebound,and put in garbage baskets as long as he does that he will be fine anything else he will be out of his Lane.

Great perseverance. The dude abides.

Gabe is a fighter & sometimes gets caught up in the moment trying to do to much.
Last night he did what is expected of him & couldn’t have come at a better time with Chaney struggling & ineffective.
His hustle, rebounding, defense & willingness to take a charge is commendable. I think we will see more of these types performances from him moving forward.

Gabe may deserve credit for his good play but equally he needs to know his role and it’s not behind the 3 point line. The plays he made that helped the team win were in the lane.
Rebounding and playing tough defense. If all of you would like to see him jacking up 3’s I’m not with you at all. If there’s a 3 taken I’d rather see Joe, Jones, Sills, Phillips, Emery- Simpson or Harris take those form deep.

His hustle was about the best I’ve seen from him. He had energy and confidence. He particularly stood out when Gafford was on the bench toward the end and instead of bringing in Chaney, Coach left Gabe in as the post player. That said a lot for the coach and for the player.

Here are Arkansas’ numbers when Gabe was on the floor (1st + 3rd column) Saturday, courtesy of HoopLens.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.04.44 AM.png[/attachment]