Gabe’s best game ever

Maybe knowing that Gafford wasn’t around forced him to say “I can do this” and he has on both ends.

Gabe has 10 points, 7 rebounds, a block, an assist and a steal and Zero turnovers with 8 minutes left

That’s in only 14 minutes of action

He is 4-of-6 from the field, 1 of 1 from 3

Gabe has does have four fouls.

Yeah I couldn’t believe it… he Stepped up at free throw line and actually look like he knew what he was doing like he was a 90% career free throw shooter LOL

Still don’t want him shooting 3’s.

I think we’ve tended to forget what Gabe’s game as a freshman was like. If Gabe comes back as a Junior and has the same percentage of improvement he had from his freshman to his sophomore year, there won’t be many, if any “NO Gabe, no” threads next season. Of course, the question is can he improve at that same level?

Nobody plays any harder than Gabe. If he can bring improved basketball skills with his always great effort, he’ll be a big part of this teams success next season.

He had a terrific game tonight.

I am happy for him and I hope that he continues to contribute at a high level. The potential Is there for him to become whatever he sees himself being. Now it’s between himself, coaches, and the team to see that he is happy because he is successful in doing right things consistently and doing them very well. WPS!

If Gabe plays like this in the next game we really have a shot. He looked like a new man out there shooting. I kept saying…where has this been all year?

While I eat the crow it’s only the right thing to do to Agee and say the young man played a good game! Gabe left it on the floor. I don’t like seeing him shooting 3’s.

I think Gabe should be allowed 1 three per game. When he makes 1 it’s usually on his 1st try. He makes the 1st one on 1st try, he gets another one, makes that one carry on until he misses.
In other words he is allowed 1 miss only from 3,pt land.

3 of my grandson’s play basketball. My only advice is that when you are on the floor go all out every minute. Dive for the ball, play tough D and hustle on both ends. Hard work. has nothing to do with ability.

Gabe always goes all out and gives it his all.

I respect him for being that guy.

I was very pleased that Gabe had a great all around game .I have been critical of the results of his play, but I thought that he always played hard and was an aggressive rebounder and defender. I hope that he can continue to make progress in his all around game and help the Hogs win more games. Good job Gabe. WPS