Gabe Richardson??

Did he just commit?

According to Otis he did…

Not yet. As of now, he plans to announce on national signing day.

Otis has quotes and all

I think the story was deleted. I guess you can guess who I was talking about in today’s tidbits about good news.

I guess we each have different ideas of what constitutes good news…

Any info on this kid?

I think he had a offer from Buffalo. Visited here last weekend and apparently had a good visit.

I remember RD saying a good chance we bring in a transfer is y I’m asking, a lot going on right now. He said young, chevin, and a transfer would be his and DD said the same.

Someone asked the final spots and a few days ago I said Chevin and Malik along with a transfer. I said I transfer because I know there is interest in some but it’s very a fluid situation. Brad Stewart and Melvin Johnson are obviously other possibilities.

Gotcha, thx

I think there are a couple of gray shirt options in there in the total number of people that will end up on campus when all is said and done

Didn’t think abt that, thx. Did here of maybe of a blue shirt and all I Knw is that a schollie can be earn in the summer or semester I think.

CBS Sports also reported Richardson has committed. … -juco.html

That was Otis’ story he deleted. For some reason it’s still up on CBS.

He’s not committed. Yet.