Gabe Richardson playing well first 2 weeks

Wrote tonight on Gabe Richardson, who had a career game at Ole Miss and, through two weeks, is only three tackles away from matching his 2018 production:

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Congrats to Gabe.

Mostly lost in all the conversation about the inefficiency of the offense are these nice stories about sound progress on the defensive side of the ball.

For one, I believe the defense would be playing even better, perhaps much better, if the offense wasn’t such so unproductive.

Fingers crossed. wps

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just read this on your Twitter, lol, thx, good as always, Scottie!


This is not to say Gabe has played just out of this world the first 2 weeks. He kind of got exposed by Ole Miss’ tight end on the edge in one instance on Saturday, but I seem to be hearing his name called for making tackles more regularly than last season. He’s never been short on confidence. It’s been about applying coaching and taking practice to the field with him.