Gabe Osabuohien's handle and shooting form

I’m sure a lot of you guys know this, but Arkansas basketball’s Twitter account has been posting videos of each player talking about the upcoming season, their roles and so forth. Nice little 60-90 second videos that don’t really show a ton of consequential stuff but are still interesting.

They posted Gabe’s today. Now obviously a handful of clips from a random August session don’t really mean much in the grand scheme, but his ball handling and shooting form impressed. I watched several of his highlight videos and could tell he was fairly skilled, but his handle looks pretty tight in this video. His shot is compact and looks good.

Adrio was guarding him in most of the scrimmage clips. Would be nice if both could be combo guys.

I was a fan of taking a flyer on him because of his physical profile and defensive versatility. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t really play this year and it would probably be somewhat shocking if he was in the rotation, but I like his long-term upside and this video intrigued me.

Agree on both his handle and shooting form (from that short clip). He also mentioned that he’s added 10 lbs and looked good physically too.

Is his 6’ 8" height legit?

Is he a “bouncy” guy or more of a lay-it-in type player?

Shooting form looks good - do we know if he is a good shooter?

That was my question, his form looked good, but it didn’t show if the shots were going in

Good questions. I don’t really know the answers.

If he is 6-8 and the 7-1 wingspan his high school coach listed is legit, he can probably play the 5 a decent amount in super small, switchy lineups over time, which would be really valuable.

From what I’ve seen on film, he can dunk with ease but I would classify him as having an especially high vertical. Doesn’t really need to with his length.

His coach said he was more defensively inclined back in May, so he may not be a great shooter. Several of his highlight tapes have him hitting corner 3s, a shot that would be huge if he could hit it fairly consistently here. But the form was better than most, if not all, the other bigs on the team. Obviously that isn’t that high of a high bar, but it was interesting to me.

To me, he looks like the kind of player Mike has tended to have success developing in the past.

Michael Qualls loved that shot.

Color me impressed. Gabulous.

Coach Charles Baker and Ron Crawford has always described Gabe as a player with no apparent weaknesses with a big upside.

Having seen him standing next to Gafford several times now, I would say the 6-8 is legit

Maybe I missed it, but where dod they say that? I like Gabe a lot and when he committed I said he would be a steal for the Hogs, but his offensive game needs some refinement. He’s more advanced defensively.

Crawford said that on the radio and he was relating to what he and Baker had talked about. He expanded on that statement by saying that Gabe has sound mechanics and technique in everything he does. I took it to mean you don’t need to teach him how to shoot or how to move his feet on defense or how to go after the rebounds. He just needs to work at it. And as he continues to work, he has a strong upside to become a very good division one player. I don’t recall him mention either his defense or offense as a finished product.

I saw him play just once and that is not a good sample, but I just sense he could be a significant contributor as a junior.

Understand. Just curious.