Gabe Osabuohien to

I tend to agree. We got fleeced on that trade.

By the way, has WVU announced this transfer yet? I see nothing on their end. I don’t really know the protocol, but would seem that WVU would announce it as well. Maybe not. … ommitment/ … basketball

Looks like they are basing that off of Gabe, not from WVU.

Nothing on the official WVU website, their basketball twitter page or Huggins twitter page. Maybe they can’t officially announce it yet. Just something I noticed.

West Virginia just got back from a three-game summer tour of Spain. There’s nothing new on their hoops website since Huggy’s assessment of the trip.

West Virginia almost heaven, but this Gabriel is appently no angel. Neither is his new coach. I see him being a solid contrbutor on a good team. Hated to see him go but rules is rules. Good Luck Gabe.

I’m not claiming there is any proof that Gabe is a “great” player or that he was misused or undercoached. I’m saying Gabe performed a valuable role that is transferable to a P5 school, as opposed to “not being an SEC player”, as many fans have claimed the last couple of years. Some coaches looked at his film and decided he did enough things well that he is not a watse of a scholarship on the roster on a team with NCAAT aspirations. Our fans act like every SEC team has 12 complete players on the roster. It wasn’t Gabe’s fault that we often needed more from the position last year because we didn’t have enough complementary talent elsewhere. It doesn’t mean CMA misused him either. He was just the best option he had for those minutes. In an ideal world he backs up Perry and played fewer minutes here.

And it wasn’t too hard to predict that Mickelson wasn’t going to be a star at Kansas, who yearly has FF aspirations, when he couldn’t crack the lineup on those teams here for more than about 15 minutes. I imagine Self had no illusions either, but he wasn’t a bad risk on the bench behind his 5-star frontlines. Once again, every team has to fill out their roster. He’s not bad for an 11th or 12th man on any team. He could have played a much bigger role on some other squads that were decent to good teams. It was a delusional choice by the Mickelsons. Maybe that’s what Gabe will be at WVU, but I doubt it. His defense will probably get him on the court in a reserve role. Maybe more if his shot improves. That would be my guess.

Huggins announced Gabe joining the team today.


Here’s Huggins’ comments:

Credit to West Virginia’s official sports web-site.

“Gabe’s a player who can come in and can make an immediate impact to our team defensively,” Huggins said. “He’s accustomed to a fast style of play pressing and running from his days at Arkansas. His athleticism and toughness will be an addition to the frontline as well as being a capable shooter to help spread the defense.”

Those are my feelings too. I am sure some on this board will laugh at “capable shooter” comment. But I think a year off to work on offense will do wonders for his offense. There were already videos out prior to his transfer, showing Gabe working on his threes.

This^^^^ +1. I cannot go off hating on a kid who leaves under these circumstances. We’ve all done things we weren’t proud of. It’s called life.