Gabe Osabuohien to

West Virginia.

for a kid with neither P5 skills nor (lately) any redeeming qualities. :roll:

Until proven he was a poor ambassador for our Program, I wish him all the best.

Bob Huggins has probably already told Gabe that he will NOT be shooting any 3’s at any time while he is on the court or he will be immediately be sitting on the bench until it is clearly understood.
He will be used as a defender, rebounder and get his points on offensive rebound put backs only.
He won’t be putting the ball on the floor and driving out of control or a basket either.
All of that being understood, it might work out well for Gabe and the West Virginia.

Go Hogs!

Amazing he could come up with another school this fast with classes starting soon. Will he have to sit out a year considering he was let go?

P5 school, well respected program, Good Job Gabe.

Will miss your energy next year.

Good choice for Gabe. Huggins and Anderson have similar coaching philosophies. Freedom to shoot when open and take defender off the dribble and constant hustle on defense. Just like Jacory Williams, he will thrive after sitting out a year. He has the physical attributes and a motor to be a very good player for Huggins.

I had expected Gabe to be a decent shooter this year. He should be even better after sitting out a year.,

Once again, all but Justice Hill have landed well after the coaching change. Hopefully in another year, similar good news for Hill.

Good fit for Gabe. I think he will do well there.

Definitely a Huggins type player.

and kingmaker Ro Russell than Gabe.

I wish him well. We all make mistakes. Important thing is to learn from them.

What do you mean about Ro Russell? I don’t know who that is.

He’s the guy to know in Canada and founded Grassroots Canada Elite.

He’s coached and placed Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph, Minnesota T Andrew Wiggins, Dwight Powell, and Nik Stauskas and many more. … asketball/

Yep. I wonder whether or not Muss had discretion to retain Gabe?

Let’s be honest here. There were going to be decisions made as far as future available scholarships. Gabe, and anyone else in the future who makes dumb decisions, makes it easier for the staff. I’m not judging the kid and I honestly hate to see him go. It’s just a fact.
We all knew there was going to be more turnover.

Good question. I’d like to know too. I have to believe, pending the level of his “mistake(s)”, that Muss would have wanted to keep him this year. Mainly, because of the need for depth in the front court. When Gabe was under control and concentrating on rebounding and defending he was a positive on the floor for 10-12 minutes a game. Next year, he probably would have been a candidate for the “grad transfer portal”, thus freeing up a 2020 scholarship.

That means…

  1. He is a much better player than a lot of our overly judgmental, know-nothing fans believe.

  2. Whatever he did wasn’t that serious.

Good luck to Gabe. He hustled, was almost always in correct defensive position, and was always willing to sacrifice his body for the team. And he took 14 whole treys, usually early in the first half as a reward for hustling, in 18 SEC games. We had two other players take over 35 and missed at least 75% of their treys. If only Gabe’s 14 treys were our big problem last year.

There is a lot of truth there, but neither one of us knows what he did, nor if it was an isolated incident. I remember Nolan purging his roster in the beginning too.

But I don’t think Huggins is going to waste a scholarship if he did not think Gabe had the talent to play at WV. Unless the kings maker is promising to deliver a key Canadian recruit if Huggins takes Gabe. Kind of like Todd Day and Darrell Anderson. Is that the case?

I was not down on Gabe at all, I thought he was a good defense/hustle guy with good upside if he could improve his mid-range shot and finishing at the goal. The three point percentage was a minor problem-the real issue offensively was the difficulty he had in scoring inside on anything but uncontested shots. Some guys acquire that skill as they get more experience playing against bigs, some don’t.

But just because West Virginia took him does not mean we discarded a really good player. I remember a lot of people claimed that when Hunter Mickelson(sp?) went to Kansas it was proof that he was a great player who had been mis-used and under coached by MA, and that the Hogs would regret not having him around. Well, he might have helped us more than KU, but he hardly blossomed under Bill Self.

Hopefully Gabe uses the transfer year to work on his offensive game, He does have the right mind-set to play in Huggins hair on fire defensive system, and he won’t have to be a consistent scorer there to get good minutes.

Keaton Miles for Gabe O: who wins?

Gabe all day every day.

Good point about Mickelson. Shows there are examples to argue either way.