Gabe must play

He defends rebounds and made a great entry pass to Gafford. Play Gabe

Amen. Kid works. Works hard

Agree 100%. He looks like an athlete and basketball player.

Think Mike may regret not giving him more minutes.

Not sure about his shooting, but his defense convinces me he needs more minutes

Looked good tonight. Had a couple of turnovers, but took that charge at what I thought was a key moment.

I thought he was a big difference on the floor tonight. Brought energy and defense. Thought he was getting a little tired there in the last few minutes. Played hard.

He for sure played defense. His rebounding and effort stands out.
His lack of playing time hurts and shows up with some of the passes he makes. At least the young man leaves everything he has on the floor.

Loved Gabe’s game. The kid may not be a scorer, but he is a baller.

Agreed. Gabe hasn’t played much, but he’s played well every single time he’s played. I don’t see why CMA doesn’t put him in the starting lineup and see how it goes. He’s looking for defense and hustling, Gabe brings that better than the other 4s.

And I’m really really hoping Gabe doesn’t end up like the Nick Babb situation, because it’s become similar. Babb wouldn’t play for several games at a time, CMA would always say he was going to play him, but never did. Then once he finally gets to play he does everything right and plays well and we don’t hear or see from him for another several games. It’s like CMA was using him more or less to get other guys attention. I hope that’s not what he’s doing with Gabe. I’d rather Cook and Thomas sit over there and pout while Gabe is in the game taking charges and grabbing offensive rebounds.

Have to agree with you guys, great game by the young man.

Dang Blu, I was thinking the same thing.

Definitely hope he plays some more next game. I’m also hoping Thomas responds to the DNP the same way he did last time, between him and Gabe both playing good, it may open up a lot more offensively and lock down some defensively.