Gabe is the man

I like him at the 4 better than any other option we have. Takes charges, rebounds, sets screens, plays defense. All the dirty stuff. Good for him and very happy for him

He was definitely a difference maker on the floor tonight!
Hope to see more of him!

Wow he is an impressive young freshman and creates an impressive addition to our other freshman Gafford and Hall. We have some good freshman. Gabe did a great job.

I liked that he recognized that his contribution is rebounding and defense and he didn’t try to be the scoring machine. Good decision. Great rebound toward the end.

The one handed rebound in the paint and in traffic with the immediate dish to Barford was a great play and needed at that point… he really looked good tonight.

Will he play as much on Saturday? Dustin Thomas sat out the USCe game and that probably means he plays a bunch on Saturday. Bailey will get some minutes. Cook had a bad performance against USCe. Gabe and Bailey need to play more to develop them for next year.

And our best freshman is not even playing. Hope he does next year.

I have never seen this guy play and really didn’t notice him the other night against South Carolina. The 4 has been a huge void all year with Bailey and Thomas. Why has Mike not played the guy if he has some skills or potential? Curious.

I saw him early in the year and have posted more than once I thought he should play. He was prone to foul a lot, but they were usually the result of all out hustle. Sure glad he got some PT. Going forward he will surely get more chances. He didn’t take any shots the other night, but is more than capable of contributing some scoring. … vanderbil/

Just wrapped up Mike’s availability previewing Vanderbilt. Had lots of great things to say about Gabe. Mike also noted Dustin Thomas will play.

Just wondering what Dustin Thomas did to get in the dog house again?