Gabe has evolved...

His quickness at 6’8 is off the charts…

Don’t count your hens before they hatch everyone looks good against zero defense

I noticed that video last night. It looks like he has worked hard. Hopefully that will translate into productivity during game time.

I tried that chair drill once. Not as easy as it looks. The chair kept stealing the ball. I really like this kid. I think he will be regarded as one of the biggest steals we’ve ever had before he leaves.

Forget the video. I saw enough during live games last year to tell me that Gabe is going to have an impact this year. I look for him to be a 12 to 16 minute contributor off the bench this year and then real blossom out as a junior. He has what it takes to be a Division One PF. I trust Charles Baker as a talent evaluator.

He looks more svelte than last year to me. Kid has a lot of potential to be a two-way player.

Natural maturation . . . plus - who knows how much he has worked out.

I believe it was Al McGuire who said it best: “The best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores”.

I think he’s just trying to say he has gotten better, not that he is going to be an All-American.

Good because I still think as the roster stands he’s one of the top two candidates to transfer after this season… so hopefully he produces to change that to me the only thing that would change that is if he becomes a consistent three point threat

I’m curious as to why you think he is destined to transfer.

He loves it here and is one of the few 6-8 or over.

I thought he was nice get. Skill for his height were good, had/has a very high ceiling. I still think that. Long, tall, runs, jumps, good stroke, can finish, has quickness, good feet, good hands. Decent defender, rebounder with promise. Good motor and a worker bee.

He’ll play.

Because of one of two reasons the attrition in college basketball these days, and compared to Reggie Chaney, Ethan Henderson, Adrio Bailey, all of which are his size… Gabe, imo has the least upside. He has upside but compared to the others he has the least as far as talent goes. Now could Gabe out work the others I named and make a bigger impact in the long run, the answer is yes. Nonetheless this staff doesn’t have time for many project players who may or may not contribute in year one two or three. I think our staff is amazing but many don’t see it my way. All in all Arkansas needs room to add 2019 6’8 guys who could contribute year one, two and three

You need to switch Gabe & Andrio simply because Mr. Osabuohien is light yrs ahead when it comes to ball control & distributing the ball.

Mr. Bailey is a slightly better leaper and is more explosive but Gabe can bring the ball up the court under duress.

Could someone define for me how one determines “up side”? Seems to me that’s a fairly innocuous statement. Wonder how much upside Scotty Pippen had as a freshman?

I somewhat agree I don’t Adrio has that much better upside than Gabe because Gabe is a better ball handler but right now as it stands I still give Adrio the slight edge between the two

I love it, I post a week back that Mike’s players traditionally return for the next season improved from the previous season. therefore, watch out for Bailey, Gabe, Harris, and the big Dog Gafford.

His upside was about 1000 feet above the Farris Center roof but I doubt if many people realized that, since he was only The Bears manager at the time.

The narrative seems to be the recruiting class of 2020 is so good that we must run off experienced people to sign more of them. Any logic there completely escapes me.

There are some kids in that class that you got to make room for. If not and we struggle well, you can imagine the board

I can imagine the board regardless. And it’s not a pleasant thought. There’s enough whine on this board when things are going well for all the cheese in Wisconsin.