Gabe and Hall...

They’ve made a big difference the last couple of weeks doing some of the little things, dirty work, defending, rebounding, etc. Gafford and Gabe have some good chemistry together, had a couple of nice high/low exchanges today. When I was at practice on Thurs they were inseparable, look like they are close friends.

Very solidly played game today all around.

A very underrated freshman class that would have been even better If Garland was playing. Love those lunch pale guys. Doing whatever they can to help us win. Beginning to think that winning three of the last four is not mission impossible.


After watching games today and the results anything is possible. Hold serve at home! Beat Kentucky Tuesday Night.
There’s a lot of games left. I just wish Kentucky would have lost today. But that just makes the game Tuesday that much more important.

These freshman seem to know how to block out and go after everything.

Love it.

Play them more.

They have been a difference down the stretch for sure

Hey Bush with rebounding getting better do you think it may be time to start fixing the free throw shooting!

I thought Gabe was really solid today. Any time he can give you six points you have to feel great about that. He also operated really well at the pinch against A&M’s zone. Think he’s an underrated passer. He found Gafford for a bucket or two just by collapsing the defense in the middle of the zone.

He can shoot the ball, I like he can take a guy on a drive. Turns the corner to the paint or baseline very well, dishes well out of that. Needs a pull-up out of those drives. Love his athleticism for a guy his size. Runs the court Gafford like. He’ll be getting big minutes next season.