Gabe, Adrio, Ibi, Ethan and Khalil...

We are playing with a roster that is 5 men down. Some never play, some don’t possess the ability to play at this level and one is out for medical issues.


Roster problems will be his downfall.

Garland isn’t medically cleared to play
Gabe is a project and has vastly improved he just needs to stop jacking up 3’s and work on his free throws.
Ibby won’t play this year. Maybe never but who knows.
Henderson could possibly put on some weight and make an impact down the road I hope.
Adrio Bailey is the most productive member of this group. He just needs to continue to work around the lane. Finishing at the rim has been a bit of a disappointment. When he can knock some mid range shots downs it helps the offense.
Emery Simpson is the one that needs to get his shooting going. Between him and Desi they are the ones that can impact scoring as much as Chaney. Chaney will be a power house by next season.