Ga will blitz more than anybody we've seen

They are going to come after us and see if we can execute under pressure,their LB are insanely fast (esp #17 Dean) and they have 4-5 great DL Pass rushers will be by far our OL biggest challenge,hope we have some screens and hot routes ready bc they are coming!

This might be a game where Knox can have an impact at TE.Toss sweep would be good against them too.

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a running QB can offset some of that pash rush. If they aren’t disciplined, we can use that aggressiveness against them

yeah the thing about blitzing is if you break the LOS you got a lot of grass ahead of you but they are very well coached,everybody hits their gap.

Has anyone researched the amount of blitzes against our line and how we held up? It seems TAMU was coming after us the second half and our OL was struggling to adjust. Is this correct thinking on my part or did our line handle the blitzing better than I recall?

I read something about how we were blitzed like mad and we handled it. they blitzed like 35% of the time and got minimal pressure. I think it was the 538 article thats floating around on the board.

I just read that article AFTER I posted my question. That was a cool read and the data is really telling on our turnaround.

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The best thing this OL has going for it is expereince,We have faced it all so we we should be prepared for it but they have some Big fast guys on defense and we will have to play our best game of the yr to deal with them…I would love to see us pass on 1st down a lot to keep them from blitzing as much,we get in 3rd and 7-8 crowd going to get loud and they are going to bring the house like they did against Clemson and had 5-6 sacks…Briles needs to call his best game since he’s been here and we will have to execute it.

Ga’s offensive line and offense will have to play their best game of the year too for them to be successful Saturday.

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They blitzed Hornsby. No one has blitzed much against KJ. He beat some blitzes early. And can get that deep ball off with someone coming At him.

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Everybody kept saying A&M’s defensive line was Elite… I hope we deal with GA’s the same way…


I totally agree!I just we bring that same intenstiy we have played with to a our 1st true Road game.We need to get some TO’s would help us tremendously.


I don’t know anything, but I think to have a chance we’ll have to have zero false start penalties (a longtime nemesis) and, when the first-down pass is called, we’ll have to make positive yardage.

Oh, and continued success in the kicking game, which except for the near-disaster in Game 2 has been light years ahead of recent seasons. Love seeing those kickoffs sail over returners’ heads.


Like I’ve always been taught, to score an upset – and this would be a big upset – the key is to win the turnover battle and be spotless on special teams. It helps to get a little help.


Yeah I would try to pressure Daniel’s quite a bit bc he will throw the ball up sometimes

Sanders and in particular Johnson have been pretty good at picking up blitzers so far, which is one of the real early season coaching successes. Georgia can bring really fast guys off the edge, and that will be a bigger challenge to those young RBs.

The Georgia front seven is also the biggest challenge physically to date(and maybe all year). Line stunts and games that have not worked very well for the opposition so far(and which may not work very well in the future) may work Saturday against our OL and blocking RBs just because those guys are big and fast enough to make them work.

We have an offensive staff and starting QB who are not afraid to let two or three of our WRs out-athlete and/or out-muscle DBs for long passes, and the receivers have made that pay off. That really raises the stakes for a blitzing defense. Part of the answer to how much they blitz may be “how many points do we think we can score on Arkansas? How many explosive plays can we match?”

Ga front 7 is in a different league than anybody we’ve faced bc as you said they are huge and can run! Davis 6’6 345( will line up in front of Latham which is by far
our weakest OL)and ran down the UAB QB,he’s a freak #88 is a beast as well,Dean the LB #17 is the best we’ve seen,its going to be a real challenge.I hope we throw a lot of 1st down to hopefully give us a chance to get ahead of the chains.I really don’t see us being able to run the ball on them bc of their size and speed but we will see.
We have to hope our defense can keep us in it and KJ can’t get frustrated if we are being shut down and feel rushed to try to make a big play,just move the chains and if the big play is open,hit it! just like last week,don’t be Greedy be Needy(get what we need) to just move the chains. easier said than done in front of 93K and it’s your 1st road game you’ve played in where we had no fans (Mizzou had none so doesn’t count).

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Clay I agree. We need to be super clean on special teams, and take it away from them 2-3 times. The good news is we have a super ball-hawking FS that to me seems to be due. We are also gonna have to scheme a way into having a running game. And I think we can.

I am NOT predicting we beat them. But, I think its fair to say that we have a better chance than 19%…the ESPN number.

I think the best chance we have to run the ball is on the RPO this week. KJ may can hurt them keeping the ball, we really haven’t shown much RPO all year. I would like to see us to run a toss sweep which we really haven’t shown so far, this might could get us outside much quicker than all these slow moving East West plays that we seem to be in love with.

The key is KJ’s health. If he can play (meaning run at say 90%), we’ll have a great chance. Without his mobility we lack offense.

I really think KJ will be fine… he blasted up the middle late in the game and truck that kid made me think he’s going to be fine provided he doesn’t take another big hit on that knee.