GA - typical Chaney offense

Whew, 31-0 OM at the half. Thankfully, we have Dan Enos now and not Chaney. Of course, the Kirby Smart GA defense doesn’t look too hot either.

Def an upgrade this has been his MO for a while

Gotta work in a shot on Sam Pittman somewhere here. But I don’t guess we can blame him for the UGa receivers dropping the ball. And no blocked field goals. But as soon as I type this they give up a strip sack for a turnover.

As with CBB it will take them awhile to get their players in, although I doubt Richt left the cupboard as bare as CBP did. No doubt Pittman will enjoy recruiting Georgia for Georgia.

And to think they fired Mark Richt, a 9-10 game a year winner for this product.