Ga. Tech offers Derrian Ford

That’s 17 offers.

I sure hope we land him!!

I like Arkansas’ chance.

MIss. St is offer no. 18.

Richard, there were whispers he likes Baylor. Has he cooled off on Baylor?

Arkansas is in good shape.

This is not meant as a criticism of our Arkansas kids (because we have some real good kids), but I have a question for those that know more about the Arkansas kids than I do. Why do most of them wait so long to commit to Arkansas (when they have an offer) especially when they know that Muss is recruiting a lot of other good players (like themselves). Is it because they don’t really want to play for Arkansas or what is their reason. We have a great class in 2022 and I know that it is very early for them but even our 2021 hasn’t committed and many other good players around the nation have already committed for 2021. Are they trying to see how many offers that they can get or a better offer than they think Arkansas is, because I think Arkansas is just beginning to role in basketball recruiting.

Good question. I am sure RD, DD and others may have a better answer than mine.

2020 class other than Davis, did wait long to commit. But I attribute that to Arkansas being in a coaching transition. Prior to that it seems recent recruits Portis, Gafford, Hall, Joe and Sills committed early. Garland committed early too but to Memphis and then flipped like Beard who committed early to Missouri. Henderson did take a bit longer. Not sure if there is a pattern.

I am leaving out Monk, who turned it into a drama.

I think PJ hit it well. The in-state 2020 class wanted to see the product on the floor while getting to know Muss and his staff a little better. They had success at Nevada but how many times did any of us really watch them during his time in Reno?

I think the longer Muss is here the quicker you’ll see guys jump on board. It was vary from kid to kid. Some may want to enjoy the process and visit schools while others will pull the trigger.

Thanks guys! Both of you made good points!

Also, keep in mind we are talking about teenagers.
Having a lot of followers (fans and schools), is a boost to the ego.

For sure!

Ummm … like every game! :laughing:

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Being from Magnolia, watching him play many times and knowing his family and friends, Derrian is a great kid. He’s humble, respectful and quite. He keeps his recruitment close to the vest. I too, like Arkansas chances.

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