GA SO @ Arkansas game thread

It didn’t take long for our hogs to score a TD. If Morris could have stayed on his feet on that pass it would have been a 1 play drive. Good start.

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Let’s not let up.

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It’s still early, but this has the makings of a major beat down

A stupid personal foul gives up 15 yards. Still want eliminate those

Like to see Burks get a lot of work today.

Will need the passing game next week

I’ve never seen an Arkansas team attack the ball and tackle better than this one.

I have seen that in the past but not lately!

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The personal fouls and dumb penalties will get you beat in a close game.

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KJ has overthrown a couple of receivers so far today. Still needs to work on that

C’mon KJ you got to be able to hit that pass…

Much better KJ got rid of the ball quick right on the money on the slant

Still trying to run everything east and west

Very well blocked play there despite the bad snap!!

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Well the hogs for another TD it wasn’t pretty at times but it counts. KJ will find a groove passing.


The east and west junk on Second and goal is a waste time.

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We’re a much better North and South run blocking team in my opinion.then after you pound them for a while you can turn the corner

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Head to head hit on KJ…

Pass game still got a long long way to go

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Great punt!!!

Jefferson needs to work on his passing

Nice 59 yard punt