Ga. roster talent can’t be that much

Better than A&M? I’m sure the coaches are but point being we can hang with these boys

We can if we play clean. Turnovers and penalties- we need to do no worse than break even with Georgia in those categories to go into the fourth quarter with a chance to win.

They have a better defense, they are deeper, they have a seasoned starting qb, and a much better offensive line than a and m

Their QB played a lot at USC as a frosh. Passed for magical stats last w/e at Vandy.

I kind of feel like Texas was the warm-up for A&M, which was the warm-up for Georgia.

However…we played them a lot tougher last year than the score indicates. Both teams are improved.

I like our chances; as so many have said, we’re playing with house money.

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This has the feel of Petrino’s second season at Florida or 3rd season at Auburn when we were better than we should have been and we were absolutely jobbed by the officials to make sure the SEC NC favorite stayed on track. Hope not.

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That may be possible for the refs to make some horrible calls and review to back them up! The way officiating has been the hogs better not need to depend on getting any calls.

The alternative conspiracy theory is that the SEC favors Bama and would like to eliminate Georgia early, thus favoring us. If you like conspiracy theories.

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