Ga, ole and fla

With Ga and ole piss going down and fla trailing does anyone think this helps us in the long run? I knw we have to get by gamecocks which I think we can. Moving forward I think this could be in our favor with less sec teams in the mix.

Our bracket in Omaha would be Texass/TennTech, FAU/Auburn and TexTech/Duke. We beat three of those during the season (all at Baum though). We wouldn’t be intimidated by any of them for sure.

3? Auburn and tech, who’s the 3rd?


Beat Texass twice

Dang, how did I miss that!!! Feel dumb now! Lol thx though.

I’m just proud our the rally possum won’t be in Omaha. I like the matchup even if Florida survives today! I don’t see Florida winning the super round the way they are playing.

Yes sir agree.