Ga changing Rotation

They said their Ace LH Webb will throw Sunday to give him a couple more days to rest but I think is probably more that it gives them their best chance to win a game considering how we struggle some in the 3rd game.We definently need to win 1st 2 because he’s really good.

I think that’s exactly what they’re doing. Sounds like they’re giving up on one game they’re not likely to win to increase their odds of getting at least one. They’re throwing off

Yeah that’s it,just need to take care of business Fri and Sat and win the series and then hopefully get a good pitched game Sun.We really need a sweep.

You guys may be right, but I seriously doubt that Georgia is thinking about just winning one game. These guys are ranked, and they won the Vandy series. They aren’t scared of the Hogs.

I think this is more gamesmanship than anything. Kind of like starting Bolden in game 1 at SC or naming TBA as the game 3 starter as late as the beginning of the LSU double header.

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That’s plausible, too.

Ga is not ranked but were before losing 2/3 to Auburn They did this at Vandy too,pitched Webb on Sat against Leiter.They are throwing a LH Fri and Sun,they have probably noticed we don’t hit LH all that well,will be the 1st we’ve seen 2 LH start against us,but we’ve seen all types of LH so hopefully we can show improvement

It won’t make much difference who they start Sunday if the hogs don’t get a quality start on Friday and Saturday.
If I was in Georgia’s position I would throw my ace Sunday too! They also need a few wins to make post season play. The true key in my eyes would be to get out ahead with a lead early and be able to get through enough innings to have Kopps available on Sunday. If Kopps can go 3 or 4 innings on Sunday that’s the key to getting the sweep. Take it one game at time and don’t count your chickens until the eggs hatch! The hogs should be able to beat Georgia and sweep them at Baum

Ga is very dangerous Vandy can vouch for that.We need to come out and dominate Game 1 to let them know this not going to be like Vandy.

Cut the head off the snake and don’t give them hope! Just like last weekend at LSU. The hogs won the first game of the double header but LSU got hope late in that game and it carried over into the second game of the double header.
Leave a sleeping dog snoozing!

Ryan Webb had back spasms that caused him to leave the game earlier than he would have liked against Auburn last week. Anyone who has dealt with a back injury should know how delicate you take things when that occurs.

If that’s the case, I understand them doing it. I’ve had back issues & understand completely.

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