Tiger is back. Drove a stake in the ground at The Masters.


He’s obviously the greatest golfer ever, I think he won his first Masters by 17 strokes. I still do not like him.

As someone who (a) has a fused spine (b) took care of other people with fused spines and © tried to play golf with a fused spine, he has my complete respect for what he has done. Pretty emotional watching him with his kids afterward. Also pretty cool watching Michael Phelps behind him on 16 tee when he stuffed that shot in there to two feet. Phelps sure knows what it’s like to go where no one else has gone athletically.

it was awesome!!well deserved Tiger!

It is obvious that Tiger has worked his tail off to get back in shape. I’m very impressed.

Breaking news: Eldrick T. Woods is still pretty good.

When he won his 14th major I figured he would overtake Jack’s 18 with ease and then the car crash, divorce and back problems happened.

After today, I think he might have a chance to pass Jack.

I don’t know that he is back, that is a incredibly high standard. But he was damn good today!

I watched the interview with Notah Begay on The Golf Channel. (For those who do not know, Tiger and Begay were roommates at Stanford. They are still best friends.) Begay talked about visiting Tiger after one of his surgeries. Tiger could not even get out of a chair without help. Tiger himself has said that he doubted he would ever be physically able to compete at a high level.

Considering the circumstances,
Whacked in the head with a golf club, car crash, sex scandal, ugly divorce, injuries & serious physical ailments & surgeries with his knees & back.
11 years removed from winning a Major & considered washed up. 1st player to ever win a major when behind after 54 holes.
Repeated public & media scrutiny endured from all of the above.

Quite remarkable.

Tiger has endured 4 back surgeries and 4 knee surgeries, plus public humiliation. He was humbled, but has become a better person. He is much more open with the fans and the media. He is grateful for regaining his health and being able to play golf again.

If you want to really delve deep into the Tiger Woods journey…read the bestseller “Tiger Woods” by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian. It is a fascinating account of a child prodigy. After reading it, I had a lot of empathy for him because the way he was reared as a child and young adult was unconventional and not real healthy, in my view. It is amazing he has has become the person he is today, really.

What impressed me, as much as the win, was the way Tiger was treated by his fellow competitors. He has become much more open and engaged with the other pros.

He is not the first player to win a major when behind after 54 holes, as someone noted in this thread. I bet far more than half of major winners were not in the lead going into the final round. It’s just that he didn’t ever do that. He was always the front runner when he won – until this one.

They were discussing the medication this afternoon on PGA Tour radio and their idea was that he was probably taking something for his allergies. Tiger’s had horrible allergies for a long time and they said the pollen in Augusta this weekend was horrible. So that sounds reasonable.

Was wondering if that would come up when I saw him take something on camera…then I forgot all about it.
I dunno…do they drug test PGA? :sunglasses:

Yes, they do. It was most likely an allergy pill or anti-inflammatory, but it also might have been an electrolyte tablet. Those guys eat those things like candy, when it is humid. Most don’t drink sport drinks on the course, because of the sugar making them jumpy.

It was an amazing feat from Tiger! Not to minimize it AT ALL, but he was very fortunate on Saturday to stay near the top of the Leaderboard. He got lucky bounces off the tee on #9, #11 & #13. Hit it pretty deep into the trees on each of those holes, and ended up with a clear shot each time. The one on #13 hit a tree on the forested side of the creek and kicked way right back across the creek and into play. That one would have been a lost ball or unplayable lie 75% of the time if it had dropped straight down, kicked left, or even just kicked a little to the right. BUT… that is golf! Over 72 holes, anything can happen, and every shot counts the same.

Something that has not been mentioned in Tiger’s comeback is his moving from Nike (stopped making equipment) to TaylorMade 18 months ago. Nike didn’t hire the talent to stay in the advanced developmental/technology club making and really didn’t have the sales nor inclination to compete and thus the brand disappeared. So Tiger was playing with inferior equipment (relative to the competition) for years… he might already have 18 majors if he had been with TaylorMade all along but he took the millions from Nike to promote their club branding.

Tiger told Brad Faxon that all the guys who finally were free from Nike equipment gained on average 14 yards per shot on every club. Tiger uses the Bridgestone ball. The Nike ball was a piece of crap. It was as much the golf balls as clubs that sucked for Nike.

Nike R&D was non existent. I think Phil Mickelson told Tiger to switch to Callaway or Taylor Made several years ago. When he did not, Phil said he knew it gave him big advantage over guys like Tiger and others with Nike equipment deals.

Another Nike club victim was Rory which took the big bucks and switched four years ago. After winning three majors and the darling of the sport before Nike, he was winless in the U.S. for three years before leaving Nike and returning to his old club sponsor. Pro’s will kill to pick up five yards in distance and losing fourteen yards to the field is an unbelievable disadvantage.

I doubt he is back, that is an unreasonable standard; but he is not finished either!