FYI - The Drover Steakhouse in Omaha is temporarily CLOSED

Apparently, they had a fire problem there recently. I called the restaurant and was informed that they plan to re-open in July (Clay mentioned the fire in his earlier post, but he suspected they might be open again by now; unfortunately, they are not).

Just a heads-up for those of you planning to dine there.

The person I spoke with (not sure if it was the owner - didn’t ask, but seemed like it might have been) was kind enough to offer an alternative for this trip - a place called Mahogany’s. Looks to be quite a bit more expensive than the Drover.


There is a pizza place in Omaha that we like that isn’t far from The Drover, so I drove by yesterday while picking up dinner. Quite a bit of work is still needed to that building.

I have eaten at Mahogany in Omaha (there is also one in Tulsa)

It is quite good

I consider myself a steak snob and have eaten at great ones in a lot of places.
There’s a really good one in downtown KC that I am not remembering the name…

Was it The Golden Ox? It is in the old stockyards area and has always had wonderful steaks.

I had to go back and look it up…

801 Chop House

When I have been there on business and CWS


Also Sullivan’s — one of those in Austin too

Mahogany also very good

Hereford House used to be downtown as well. Great food and a cool inside atmosphere. Used to be in the armpit of KCMO, 18/Main, or thereabouts. An explosion caused them to uproot. There are 3-4 scattered around KCMO. Took my son recently and he loved it. It was not quite the quality (?) it was when I went a few times to the downtown location.

I regret to say I’ve never been to the Golden Ox. Is it still around?

The Golden Ox is still in business in its original location. I can remember going there when we were in KC for the American Royal back in the early 60s. I haven’t been for a few years, but the last time I was there it was still top rate.