FYI: Texas Tech will be the home team Monday

The Red Raiders won the coin toss after tonight’s game.

We can’t even win a coin toss…doesn’t bode well.

Early “gut” prediction . . . we score 6 runs Monday but lose, 9 to 6.

Love my team and proud of the season they have had, but bitterly disappointed in that egg our offense laid (again) tonight.

1 more egg like tonight and it off to summer ball! They will come out swinging on Monday good or bad. I love our hogs but they sure gave one away tonight.
When you get beat with HBP, a ground ball where we should have recorded an out at 1B, and get nothing, and get beat by a sacfly with 1 out it stings. Hollywood!
FSU won that game without getting a darn hit! That’s just horrible.

They need to work on bunting, and hitting the ball to the opposite field. Base running sure didn’t help much tonight.

We actually hit the ball much better than FSU— just right at them—2 doubleplays with line shots caught on the infield to double up our runners—the hbp runner and never seen before loss of glove and ball is what beat us

That’s not what beat us.

Lack of execution is what beat us. I don’t agree that we hit the ball much better. They found gaps and were able to execute the one opportunity they had a runner on 3rd with 1 out. We had that opportunity twice, and couldn’t do anything, lack of execution and hits when you need them is what cost us the game.

You also don’t see very many plays where a base runner is traded I n the chest with the defender running the opposite direction
and an out recorded! That was as much of a blunpers play as the HBP!
A simple bunt would have been a great play 2 times last night! The hogs out pitched Florida State and lost !
Who knows what will happen Monday but one thing is for sure the better team disnt win last night.

Yeah, if they’d worked. If they hadn’t, a sac fly would have been a great play 2 times last night.