FYI on number of commits to this point....

Thought I would gather some info on the number of Arkansas football commits at this time in previous years since there seems to be a lot of concern at just having 4 in the 2019 class

2008 (3)
2009 (4)
2010 (1)
2011 (6)
2012 (6)
2013 (3 - all from Fayetteville)
2014 (4)
2015 (8)
2016 (7)
2017 (8)
2018 (2)
2019 (4)

with early signing period, not to mention number available to sign? We have done well in upping the APR and should therefore have a higher percentage of available scholarships signed as a positive outlook. Recruiting seems to be on track and reassuring to me, and I am a bit of a veteran recruiting watcher. Our presence in Nashville is way up and I still have friends coaching so I can actually confirm we are present in the area and there is more talent in Nashville than in Memphis as is usual. If we were recruiting Ravenwood or CPA then I would really love it from a personal connection, ditto Oakland in Murfreesboro. No concerns that seem real to me and the chart kinda confirms that recruiting is on time.

I don’t post much - I’m a huge fan - follow recruiting on this board quite a bit. I tend to focus on the team we have mostly and follow who we might have when there is time.

I’m not sure why there is so much negativity these days about recruiting and the new coach.

Concerning the recruiting - we have four now committed including a very good QB and an Arkansas kid who is probably better than his rating. If I was a betting man, and I’m not, I would bet that by the end of summer we will have double digit commits and that we will have between 15 and 20 when the December signing date comes along. Leaving a handlful or so to work on between then and February.

  1. I think we may get the best haul of receivers/TE’s ever - just based on the number of 4-star receivers interested from elsewhere, and 2 very highly ranked in state kids in Henry and Burkes - not to mention the kid in Bentonville. I hear discussion of what type or mixture - big receivers who create mismatches, small quick ones and speed guys. Probably takes a mix. But in this type of offense the most important thing is that they can catch the ball if it gets there - at a very high rate - and in traffic - and especially on 3rd down. I’m talking 90 + percent of the time the ball gets to you the catch has to be made. There will be enough times that the QB doesn’t get it there due to pressure, tips at the line, etc - but when it’s there it has to be caught. Four drops on 3rd and 6 or fewer can eliminate too many opportunities for points and cost us a game.

  2. We have a good number of OL interested as well and some are highly rated. I don’t look so much at ratings here because it takes most OL’s a couple of years more to develop after signing day - so projections are much tougher. However, we do appear to be in the running for some good ones here as well.

  3. My bet is we also get 1 or 2 running back types who can catch the ball out of the backfield and fit our system.

Overall a good offensive haul.

On defense - I expect us to get our share. I think Chief’s reputation is good and players will want to play for him. It appears we are after speed and athleticism at all levels of the defense. The best and most fun Arkansas teams I remember watching tended to be a little smallish on defense - but fast and quick - getting lots of people around the ball. I expect us to get back to that type of philosophy. With the rules being very much in the favor of the offense - especially allowing OL’s to block downfield 3 yards, and they seem to get away with more than that on RPO’s - it seems most teams have to attack and play high risk to make lost yardage plays and create turnovers to limit the offensive possessions that produce points.

That said - it appears we will do well with DB’s due to Chavis reputation - but that we have a lot of catching up to do to get the numbers and speed we need up front. Although I like the ends signed last year and the athleticism for a big guy that Farrel has. Interesting take on Fulwider today that they may make a tackle out of him. Again - trying to improve the overall athleticism of the group. I haven’t noticed as much about LB’s - probably just missed it - but again it appears that speed will rule the day on what they are looking for on defense.

On the coach. I don’t get all the preliminary bashing - like Malzahn light, not enough experience, shouldn’t have hired him due to all the others apparently lined up to take the job.

First off - Malzahn is a very good coach - has been successful everywhere he’s been. (Never understood the dislike for him - but on coaching ability likes and dislikes really don’t matter.) If our coach is similar to Malzahn on coaching ability I’m all for it. As for the cheesy social media crowd - I would say that social media isn’t my gig either - but the proof of substance as an individual will quickly become apparent and if you listen to the parent comments of recruits - I think already is. The guy is high energy and appears to work hard. He has been very successful as a head coach in the high school ranks, and as a coordinator at a high level in college. He was not at SMU very long - but by the accounts of people there - seems to have changed the outlook for success. The guy was the pick - and I like the pick - and has yet to coach a game. Most of all the questions and issues people have will be answered in the next 3 to 5 years. I think he has the makings of a successful coach. If - and this is the biggest if for me - he can find a QB on campus able to run his system we might surprise a few people this year. If not - I think with Noland and Jefferson (and maybe Jones) he is beginning to remedy that problem for the future.

Depending on that QB thing I personally think we have a chance to get bowl eligible this year.

Just call me a glass half full kind of guy. Never go to a game that I don’t think we have a chance to win - and I go to a lot. I never live with a loss - if it happens I start thinking about the next chance to win one immediately. Having a chance to compete at a high level is what I’m after - and I think Coach Morris will provide that. I also think - over time - we will win our share.

Thanks Dudley for all you do to keep us informed - same goes for Richard.

What a super post. You stated that you do not post much, I think you should because this post made more sense than all the others… Thanks PGTiger!

Ditto to Reed’s comment. Very good post by PGTiger (above)!

Please post more often. DebbieDowners remind me of
dark storm clouds.

I see a reason for anticipating much improved recruiting
over the next 1-3 years.

Well I agree with Notorious PIG and a couple others from other posts. But of course, my comments and opinions are very pointed and more negative. I admit that. Of course we are in the minority on this.

BUT - The bottom line is that for all of the propaganda, effort(which I commend, I do notice that), catch phrases, and hype, we are still way behind. I think that kids like CM, and he’s this high energy guy. But I think the style, and his track record at SMU is a red flag with talented kids that want to play SEC football. Forget high school and Clemson, that isn’t really relevant now. Connections, yes, but that’s it.

Remember, when you want to run this type of offense - Gus can do whatever he wants at Auburn. And all of y’all know what that means. We can’t do that. Just a fact. But even he still struggles to win some games. And, he was never coming here.

I still am baffled by why we didn’t get a coach that could improve what we had, and add to those pieces, instead of blowing up the program and trying something that isn’t a staple in the league. It’s mainly a defensive league, and power. You still have to be able to run it at anytime, and have a D line. It’s always been that way. We have to fit square pegs in round holes now. That’s a negative for recruits. Facilities and all the money we have spent up there won’t matter.

I keep seeing that we have to wait 3-5 years. Waiting for CM to get his “own” players. Who really wants that? Really? That is the main thing that I feel we have missed on. You have to be able to win now. We probably can’t. Recruits know. These kids are so smart and so well informed. Plus, the negative recruiting against us from other schools must be horrendous. The in state kids are very wary. Especially when the good ones have great offers.

Unfortunately, we have no choice. We have to wait and see. But, I do feel that fans and supporters will not be very patient if we don’t make marked improvements on the field and in recruiting. Now. And I hope that happens. Honestly.

So, what works at Clemson, Louisville, Auburn, Bama, and every other school that runs a zone read RPO style offense isn’t effective, who knew? Now, you have to have the players to run it, and that’s what he can sell to recruits, playing time, you know, since our other guys are square pegs.

As to defense, it’s always been a defensive line league, and more than likely always will. We probably won’t ever have a two deep of 4* and 5* like the blue bloods, just the honest truth.

As to winning “now”, exactly who did you have in mind that would have taken out current roster and would have “won now”?

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