FYI...How does Corona compare to the flu

Very good article explaining the differences…good news with warmer weather coming the Viruses will start to dissiapate.

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Maybe. We don’t know yet if COVID-19 will behave like other viruses. It might not respond to warmer weather like the seasonal flu.

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That’s true,so we will see.

100% correct

Check out the Covid 19 situation in Singapore. It’s hot and humid there now. Virus has apparently not done well there. Of course that info is conditioned on Chinese media reporting…Nothing is certain with this strain due to being new.

Yes, seems to be true, but it will return in the late fall when temps cool. That’s standard with virus patterns. Hopefully, there are vaccinations by then. I just had someone explain how long it takes to do the proper testing for vaccines. It’s not a short process.

Yes that’s why I made the comment with warmer weather the viruses should start to dissipate they’ve never been able to thrive in the heat I really couldn’t see this one being any different.

Yep and I offered an observation that tends to support your comment. Hope the fast track for an effective vaccine moves more quickly than was recently forecast.

Hopefully this virus dissipates quickly & does not return in the Fall. However, there will be other viruses that we will need to contend with, introduced either unintentionally or purposely. Perhaps ours & other governments will be better prepared & with contingency plans & vaccines to combat & contain future outbreaks.

It has “Not Done Well there” due to the country’s extensive measures to track and contain the virus not because of the weather and temperature. They immediately jumped on the containment process due to the SARS and Swine flu outbreak previously. They took what they learned from both of those outbreaks and prepared much like Taiwan did, unlike other countries.

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To add: MIT’s Technology Review “download” morning email (gosh, what a mouthful) had a nice piece today. It noted that the virus can stay active on cardboard up to a day, but active on stainless steel and plastic up to three days. And, we know it is more contagious in closed, crowded places vs open-air, less-crowded places. So…it is a perfect fit for hospital-type infestations - tightly-controlled locations that rely on plastic and stainless steel for sterility.

For the actual doctors/medical experts on here -does that make sense?

You just described most forms of modern transportation…

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One of the deadliest infectious diseases was MERS

Caused by a corona virus
Was prevalent in the Middle East
In temps of 110 degrees

Hopefully COVID-19 will abate with warmer weather, but it is by no means certain

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