Fyetteville OL Ty Clary commits to Arkansas...

I’m pretty sure it is as preferred walk on, but awaiting clarity on that.

He was on the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s first team All-Preps


Offensive lineman, Fayetteville 6-4, 275 pounds, Sr.


NOTEWORTHY Three-year starter helped Bulldogs become one of state’s top offenses, scoring at least 30 points on 10 games in 2015. … Has offer from Kansas and received college interest from Arkansas State, Cincinnati and Tulsa, among others.

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Congratulations to Ty, work hard and make the best of your opportunity with the Hogs, WPS

This is the kind of in–state guy who use to be on scholarship. It also explains why BB insists on holding scholarship slots for walk-ons who come to campus and earn it. Not sure I totally agree with radically reducing scholarship offers to Arkansas HS kids, but BB is not doing it blindly. He has a strategy for minimizing in-state misses just to find two kids each year that are the diamonds in the rough.

I still think at some point BB will discover the wisdom of recruiting more of Arkansas’ speed. Lou Holtz claims that our speed in-state is our secret, though it is undersized. Lou’s argument is that our in-state speed is the equalizer that allows us to compete.

Still BB may be right in limiting our in-state offers. That is what Tenn does. Whether he’s right or wrong, BB has a legitimate strategy that deserves respect. It is very possible Ty will earn a scholarship, kinda think he will ultimately.

He’s going to blue shirt and count on 2018’s class.

I would love for every kid to play for the University of Arkansas to be from Arkansas, but that is just not feasible.

There is just not enough talent in the state for that to happen no matter how we all wish there was.

I remember when Coach Petrino once said that if he had a choice between a kid from out of state and a kid from Arkansas, he would choose the kid out of state because of better competition.

I truly believe that Coach B and Coach Barry Lunney would love to offer more Arkansas kids, but there just aren’t that many that are can’t miss D-I prospects.

There certainly is not in the 2018 class - at least to this point.

Certainly coaches will miss on a few at any place and not just Arkansas.

College football has changed quite a bit since the nearly 40 years ago when Coach Holtz was here.

Lou hasn’t coached here in over 30 years. We are no longer in the SWC. You can’t give up size for speed in the SEC West. You must get both. Fast small guys are plentiful. They also are not 4 star recruits.

Ty is a great player, hard working and very coach able. He is 6’4" and 285 and still growing. I think he has a ton of potential. The offensive line dominated and beat Dallas Bishop earlier in the year and went into their home to do it. I think we will definitely see this guy on the field at some point. Go Hogs

It is well reported that Alabama intentionally gave up size for speed. JJ gave up size at Miami to build his great teams. Safeties became LBs, LBs became DEs, and DEs became defensive tackles and nose guards.

Speed is an equalizer-- meaning speed will allow a smaller team to hang with a larger team.

You have to have size in the West for sure, but it makes sense to give up 1 inch in height and 25 lbs in weight if you can get a player who is .15 seconds faster in the 40. That is exactly what Saban decided after playing OSU a few years ago.

Offensive line is one of the areas I do not want to give up size in many cases, especially at guard. You just have to have strength and size at guard. Now, they need to have speed, too. But it’s a position that becomes critical as far as size and mass in short yardage situations.