FWS Game 1

8 Bohrofen RF
7 Wallace cf
12 Turner c
17 Slavens DH
5 Diggs 3B
16 D’Arcy LF
11 McWilliams 2B
44 Soliz Jr 1B
9 Varnado ss

Tole p

10 Stovall 1B
24 Webb cf
1 Moore 2B
18 Lanzill LF
3 Gregory rf
26 Bates 3B
52 Pinckney DH
15 Leach C
4 Putz ss

Noland p

They have 3 umps.
1st inning

Cardinal is away team
(8) 6-3
(7) 2B
(12) 4-3, runr-> 3B
(17) 1-3
(10) KL
(24)E6 throw
(1)1B runr-> 3B
(18)2B rbi runr-> 3B

0-2 White


(1)1B took 2B on throw, rbi
(18)1B 2rbi
(26)1B (inf pu)
Trapani to pitch for Tole



(44) 6-3
(9) KS
(8) 4-3
(15) P6
(4) P5
(10) bb
(24) 1B runr-> 3B
(1) sb L4


(12)Hogs turn DP f7-6
Cacciatori to pitch
(52)hp rbi
(15) sf Hogs turn DP 8-2 rbi



McEntire to pitch



(8)solo HR!
Magre to pitch
(5)1B RBI runr-> 3B
(16)WP 1 run runr-> 3B KS

Rintz to pitch
(26)SB, 1-3 runr-> 3B
(19)WP run BB
(15)PU e5
(4)sb f7



Faherty to pitch

Final 3-9

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Thank you Marty… Can’t wait to see this team play next year lots and lots of potential

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Nice outing by Noland: No runs on 2 hits, in 4 innings of work.

Tough inning and 2/3 for Tole: 6 runs on 7 hits.

Even tougher first inning of work for Cacciatori: 2 runs on 2 BB and 2 HBP. Yikes. Fortunately, he got help from the CF that inning.

At every level of play, you must be able to throw strikes. At this level, you must throw strikes AND get hitters out. The 2022 lineup has the potential to be better than 2018 (which I think was slightly better than 2021)…… so, how good can the 2022 pitching staff be?

If the pitching can collectively be close to the level of production of 2013 staff (Stanek, Astin, Fant, Beeks, Suggs), then the Hogs will finally win it all.

Robert Moore has been on fire each time that I’ve watched. He does not like non-productive at bats AT ALL!

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I think you will see him have a much better average from the right side next year and end up hitting about 325 330