……Jamie Shaw of On3 put in a prediction of Baye Fall to Arkansas. Also, the Justin Edwards commitment improves Arkansas’ chances with Ron Holland. According to folks in the know of course. This isn’t just me posting this stuff lol.


Sure hope they prove correct.


It’s starting to feel like Christmas year around when it comes to basketball recruiting (HS and Portal) since Muss Arrived!

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Ain’t it wonderful.


Where’s bakedhog19741? He needs to weigh in on all this. He’s in the know about hoops recruiting more than anyone on this board.

Wow, exciting talk

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Fall has already had a couple of predictions to Arkansas on Rivals’ site

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More than anyone? Pump your brakes. RD knows things he can’t share, because he works his a$$ off, and recruiting is his livelihood.

Baked is a friend, and we share things via PM, but there are a lot of guys here that follow basketball recruiting like a religion. I think even Baked would tell you that he reads tea leaves and trusts his gut when he posts something, but he will never know more than RD (or DD).

Recruiting is a very inexact science when you are dealing with 17 year old kids. That said, I personally feel really good about Fall and Holland, and I have followed Hog basketball recruiting hard since at least 1990. Muss is the best recruiter I’ve seen since The Bear, and trust me, that is saying something.

Sounds good

Edit: As of Now

My dude, relax. I was referring to general posters only, not recruiting analysts like Richard or Dudley. Guess I didn’t make that clear enough in my post.

I have seen Ron Holland to Arkansas predictions even before Edwards commitment to UK. For a few months now, Arkansas has been a clear leader for him and Fall.

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Another top 5 class, PJ?

I’m glad you posted this. I totally agree. There seemed to be a narrative out there that we were just hoping Kentucky would take Edwards so that Holland would fall in our lap. I don’t think that’s been the case at all. I seem to think we have been in the lead for both Holland and Fall for a good while. Hopefully we land both.

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Yes Top 5. Get used to it.

I think both things can be true. We were ahead of UK and UK landing Edwards helps us. Now, I want to feel better about us beating Texas. That’s where I’m at.


Man, you’ve certainly come around on Muss, PJ. I like it.

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I think it’s safe to say Baye is an Arkansas lean. Not ready to say he’s a lock.


Actually that says a lot, RD. Do you have a feeling that Fall and Diop are a package deal, as has been mentioned?

Do you feel at least as good, or better, about Holland?

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