I started vacation today and will be back at it next Saturday.

Well, vacations are worth a lot! ENJOY!!!


You took one last year, you mean you get one every year?

Have a good time! You have earned it. Take your laptop and do some crootin work while your gone! HA, HA!
God bless you and enjoy your time off!

Where did you guys decide on? Good luck and stay safe…

Eureka Springs. We found a condo that was dog friendly. We were close to going to Orange Beach, but the 7-8 hour drive might of been too much for the guys so we decided on the three hour drive.

Great place…have fun… If you have not been to the big cat sanctuary (Turpentine Creek), must see for the family. :smiley:

We actually saw that about two years ago. Pretty neat. Especially around feeding time.