I have no reason to trust this mason fellow… are there any other sources or new developments ?

I’m not the biggest Nick Mason fan either, but he is friends and close to current and former razorbacks. In a lot of his tweets you can see him and Barford joking around with each other. So obviously they have some form of a relationship. He’s been right about some things in the past, but also been wrong about some things as well. I just thought it was interesting that the people he’s talked to think both will be back, he even said in one of his replies that people he talked to laughed at the thought of either leaving this year.

Barford’s response was a lot of laughing/tears streaming emojis. They said a few more things and then said Fortson was in town and wanted to run with them (I’d assume pickup game).

Yea, that what I was talking about. Not that it matters or anything, but shows they have some sort of relationship. Just thought it was information worth sharing like I said take it FWIW.

I ran into Nick about 2 weeks ago and he was adamant they were coming back. He organizes stuff in the summer for them and is around them a lot.

How does Nick manage to get close to the Razorback players? He seems to be up in a lot.

He’s a former Hog player himself, even if it was a walk-on, plus he’s in radio, he does high school basketball games, and he plays pick-up ball with them as well.

If you’re a former Hog, it’s not hard to be close to the players, it’s like a fraternity, during those years you’re brothers and build close relationships and it passes down, it doesn’t end because your eligibility runs out or because you’re not on the team anymore. People are going to tend to gravitate towards people that have had similar experiences and can relate to them, not many people walking around that can say they are former Hog basketball players.

I knew his walk-on and radio profile. I had not thought about pickup games. I think that is where relationships are getting built. Plus living in NWA helps. Most ex-Hogs don’t live in NWA.

I will say he has been right more often than not.

He regularly organizes summer pick-up games for current and former players along with local high school players and guys from around here who’ve gone to play college somewhere else.

I learned a lot more about Nick through this thread. He adds definte value to the program. Keep this up Nick.

As I said Nick is right more often than not. He does steal the thunder from the player announcements