FWIW which is nothing, I see ESPN has us ranked #69

And Arkansas State as #43.

ASU might drop after its trip to Tuscaloosa this weekend.

I suspect so.

Let’s see the link from ESPN, USA Today has a Top 130, lol.

https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/n … 187918002/

I quoted the wrong source. No matter, both worthess.

Those kinds of ratings are truly worthless. ASU has never beaten an SEC school. (They did beat Ole Miss in about 1914 & beat A&M in about 2007 or so when A&M had a really bad team & was still in the SWC.) They’re now ranked above several SEC teams. I’d bet if they played any of them, they’d lose. If recent history is any guide, they’d lose by several touchdowns. Regardless, it’s something we just have to put up with since we’ve been losing badly the last 5 years. They get credit for winning even if about the only teams they beat are in the Sunbelt.

I would not look down upon the Sunbelt. App State took Penn State to overtime At PSU. Not sure the Razorbacks would have fared as better. We have been in transition since Houston Nutt was fired and not very relevant since this time. Except a season or two with Easy Rider.

I recall us being very relevant in 2010 & 2011. We haven’t been since, but I don’t think that’s permant.

As far as the Sunbelt goes, one game where the team almost won doesn’t mean much. Besides, App St is probably the best program in that conference. When the season ends, the Sunbelt will end up where it always ends up—the worst (or maybe next to worst) conference in the country.

Rated #69 today means nothing, if it’s continues to be #69 on 1//1/2020 we may have problems. Yes, 2020, this is going to take awhile in my opinion. WPS