FWIW Thomas Johnston

Still has a spot if he decides he wants to be a Hog.

Evidently not a first-man-on-board thing with Fisher then. Sounds like he would be a good get.

I certainly hope he still wants a spot. Could really use him.

However, has something changed? We’ve been being told that this was a “whoever commits first gets the spot” situation. In fact, it caused quite a heated discussion in a thread or two. What has changed?

Things can change in a heart beat in recruiting. I can’t tell how true that is.

They have to get another DB(hopefully Calloway), and a DE or DT this year.

If the staff is willing to take 2LBs to finish, what does that mean with the available spots left?

Do you think they know another player will be leaving the program? Opening another spot for this year?

They have 3-4 spots left. Bielema has mentioned a grad transfer. The numbers always work themselves out.