FWIW, the LSU beat writer at The Athletic

Says LSU officials expect their three permanent rivals in the 3-6-6 scheduling plan will be Ole Miss, A&M and Arkansas.

If so, and we also get Misery as most expect, who’s the third? OU? A&M? Texas? Ole Miss? Somebody out of left field?

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I do not know, but I would think one of the two Texas schools.

If Arkansas has any say in it, I’d guess TX. If geography is the top priority, then OU. The most important thing to the SEC powers, may be “what does Texas want”. If so, I don’t know. Would TX want Arkansas?

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That would work, although I still reserve the right to consider the RebNecks as enemy #1.


So, under the concept of the “haves” playing “two haves and one have-not”, we are their "“have-not.” If that “theory” applies, LSU would be our “have”, Mizzou would be one of our “have-nots”, so that implies we get Ole Miss as our second “have-not.” Me and Baumbastic can live with that. Wait! LSU would have two have-nots. That ain’t fair.

It occurs to me that the three projected LSU rivals would be two have-nots and a have. Which is not supposed to be how it works, if you consider LSU a have. Then again, Orgeron may have blown things up so completely that three years after a natty, LSU is no longer a have. :rofl:

Parenthetically, the Arkansas beat writer at The Athletic was a victim of bad timing. She coincided with late Anderson and all of Chud, when even the diehards looked at the latest Hog news between two fingers, wondering which bomb would drop next; and also coincided with COVID. No wonder they didn’t have enough Arkansas readers (and you indicate which teams you want to follow on the site, so they have that information) to justify keeping her. They dropped her in June 2020 along with 45 other people.


Yeah, I wouldn’t put complete confidence in that report. As mentioned, that leaves LSU with two “have-nots” as permanent rivals, and other media sources have reported that it’s already been agreed that each “have” school would get two others like them among their three permanent rivals if this format is adopted.

But who knows?

Maybe those reports were wrong? I don’t know. I would guess the folks at LSU have some information behind that guess. @MattJones can you pry an informed guess out of UA on this topic, since somebody at LSU is talking?

Trust me, I’ve tried. LSU has always been the leakiest of SEC schools. Somebody at LSU is always talking.


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