FWIW, our RPI at Warren Nolan

Has risen 202 spots to #73 since Sunday due to the games in KC.

Of course, RPI is no longer an official metric and was badly flawed when it was, but it’s what we have. The NCAA won’t start doing NET for a while yet.

In computer rankings that are being updated, we’re #38 in Bart Torvik, #35 in Sagarin, and #46 in Massey.

Of course, none of these are very useful in late November until a lot more games have been played. But if you’re offended that we’re so low, the ranking at All My Sports Teams Suck (yes, that’s the name), which uses an ELO-based methodology, is #19.

I thought Nolan’s ELO rankings were interesting. Illiniois at #30 and Cincinnati, who blew them out, was at #47 this morning.

Interesting. First time I clicked the ELO link on the Nolan main page it took me to April’s rating, not today’s. But when I found the right rating, we’re at #7, up 7 spots this week.

Yep. We first played KSU; almost on their home court. Then, we beat the team that blew out the team the pundits thought would win the tourney. Not a bad road trip for the Hogs; they needed to play a couple decent teams - and they came out on top. I’m really most impressed by last night’s win, against a tough mature team.

KenPom has us at 24 which is 5th in the SEC behind 11. Tennessee, 13 Florida, 14 Kentucky, 16 Alabama and LSU is right behind us at 25. Kentucky and Tennessee both have one loss. Kenpom usually takes a while to get straightened out. because it is pure stats, KC didn’t help much as the poor shooting held us down.

If you look at the individual efficiencies at Pomeroy, we’re 25th in offense and 25th in defense, so KSU must not have dragged us down much. SOS is 170th, but then Mercer, Gardner-Webb and UNI have combined to win one game.