FWIW, my take on Briles' departure

I appreciate the good and bad times with Briles, and overall it was more good than bad. But that doesn’t mean that change won’t be a positive thing for the Hogs.

Briles offense at times run up and down the field, just like his Dad’s did at Baylor. I think he’s a pretty good offensive coordinator who is too slow to adapt to when the other guys have a defensive wrinkle he wasn’t expecting and who likes calling gadget plays too much that we have had a very hard time executing. We’ve had a lot worse, but I don’t think he’s shown he’s an elite OC in these days of high octane offenses.

Replacement level for Briles IMO is an OC who has proven he can put a dynamic offense on the field at a Power Five level-which is exactly what we get with his replacement, Dan Enos. Enos actually probably has a slightly better resume now than Briles did when SP hired him.

The wild card in all this is how Briles worked with the rest of the offensive staff and the HC, which we’ll never know a lot about until many years from now, as both men don’t air their problems in public or to anyone they think can’t keep their mouth shut. In the same vein, we really don’t know about how Briles and SP interacted the last couple of weeks.

It did not bother me one way when it became apparent that Briles was probably going to leave, because I figured SP would be bringing in a good replacement, and probably already had the new guy lined up. Enos has shown he can develop a potent offense too, so I don’t see any reason to get upset about the future of the Razorback offense.


If Briles wife wanted to go back to Texas that explains it all.


To add another caviat siding with your viewpoint, I would bet that working for Sam Pittman who appreciates and loves his job at the Uof A, will be tons better then working for BB who through the years did not show alot of respect for his job or the university evidenced by the steady decline in coaching personel and team performance.

You’re assuming Briles was given the option to come back after CSP found out about the TCU interest and Briles talking with them

No. I’m not assuming that. I’m saying if it was only one way—that TCU showed interest but Briles was unaware or uninterested—that he could have immediately made that clear and CSP would not have held it against him. It’s clear to me Briles was indeed interested or at least willing to flirt or use TCU for leverage. CSP could not allow that after the MSU episode


This is what makes the most sense to me as well. Once Briles didn’t come out and immediately deny any interest, both he and Sam knew he was gone. Briles had already turned down an opportunity with MSU and gotten his raise. He would certainly be wise enough to know that turning around and discussing a 2nd opportunity this soon meant that he would need to move on.

Once we got past Monday, it seemed rather obvious to me that they were just going to wait until after the portal closing to announce everything. I am glad that Kendal and TCU were willing to wait until today since the deal had obviously been done for several days.

I’m appreciative of both Briles and Odom for what they did while here, but also excited for who Sam has brought in as replacements. We’ll see how the new hires play out, but I’m embracing them as a positive change.


Also glad that KB didn’t poach KJ, Rocket or others.


You got this one exactly right except Sam had his man 48 hours BEFORE the Briles’ announcement.

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