FWIW, my take on Briles' departure

I believe that Sam had heard enough when TCU started leaking that they were in conversation with Briles, and told him to take it. I believe there were some influential boosters who were in KB’s corner during the MSU courtship that wanted to pony up more $$ to keep Kendal, but Sam didn’t want to consistently be held hostage and nixed that. Sam had to prepare himself in case KB took the MSU job a couple of weeks ago, and so he has his man selected and it will be announced within 48 hours of Briles’ announcement Thursday.

Not sure who it will be, but have to trust that it is someone Sam respects and who will run the type of offense he prefers, so not too far from what we’ve seen the last 3 years.

Let’s see how close I am when the smoke clears.


I think you are spot on. I can imagine he and HY agreeing on this.


I am not sure SP is that unhappy that KB is leaving, just like I don’t think he was that unhappy Odom left. He gets to re-vamp a staff whose holdover coordinators went 7-6 (albeit with a very tough schedule and a lot of key injuries) without firing either.

This is a big year for the SP regime, and I don’t think he’s that broken up about making some major changes to try to do better in 2023.


Sam has done this before when a coach came back a second time saying he had another job offer.


We had the 15th ranked offense in college football while our team ranking was 55th. Every time a coach leaves, many people say good riddance we are glad you left. He may have left because he got more money, for a better situation or because he went back home to Texas. I don’t know, but we need to appreciate what he did for us and thank him for the job he did.

Thanks, Coach.


I"m guessing that TCU leaked the info knowing how Sam would feel. By all reports, Briles and his wife really, really liked Fayetteville and may not have accepted. But Sam ultimately has to do what is best for HIS program. I have a feeling he told KB after the MSU thing to commit to Arkansas (for now) and call a half to these inquiries, or be prepared to move on if news came out that he was talking to yet another potential suitor.


If that’s true, KB could’ve quickly quashed the TCU talks.


Yeah he may have done this but you better have an equal or better candidate that isn’t gonna hurt you if you want to draw a line in the sand.

This might have been a Sexton thing…Briles may not have even known about it initially, as it was probably handled by reaching out to Sexton. But if my hunch is correct, once whoever on the TCU side leaked it, Briles probably didn’t have a lot of choice but to make the best deal he could.

Again…this is all speculation on my part, but I can’t imagine Sam would have been happy and “OK” with him being in talks with yet someone else so soon after the MSU thing. As a long time assistant, he surely understands and supports assistant coaches being able to look at other opportunities at the end of each season. But at the same time, he understands that there is a time window for such activity and you (assistant) cannot entertain multiple offers in the public domain for several weeks during the critical recruiting period.

Question is…who leaked it? And how will KB feel about working for someone that did that to him?

To my knowledge, Sam did not push Kendal out. The person I asked would have known that.

This did not drag on. It was done quickly. The last 3-4 days was not a TCU courtship. It was over. They agreed not to announce anything while the portal was open. Officially, that part held up.

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It is surprising that Kendal wanted to go but maybe being closer to home was the pull.

Can you confirm we tried to keep him? Have been told that but wanted to make sure. Didn’t think Sam pushed him out.

I’m surprised he left. He could have stayed with the team and helped KJ have a special season……I’m not saying good riddance, but question his commitment to any university.

Since TCU was destroyed by Georgia, I don’t understand the lure to go there. TCU was truly a Cinderella team and don’t see them even getting here the playoffs anytime soon. So it’s just curious.

Maybe KB will be the coach in waiting at TCU. Who knows. :joy:

I don’t claim to understand what athletes think these days. All I know is if it were me and I was KJ, all of the stuff KB ever said to me would be meaningless.

If it were Sexton acting without KB’s knowledge, he could have told Sam he wasn’t interested and disavowed the flirtation. Sorry, Wiz, don’t think your theory holds up

Actually from what little I know from watching briles recruit a friend’s son I bet KJ knew exactly what briles was doing. He probably knew about each suitor.

Loyalty is out the door now for all. Players are in it for themselves and congratulate a guy for getting his however he obtains it. Same with coaches.

As much as we like to think it hasn’t always been this way, I tend to think it has.


Everything you have said you took from Hawgs247 board.

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I’m talking about op

For a rare occasion, you have misread my meaning NEA…I didn’t say the LEAK was a Sexton thing…but that the whole idea of talking to TCU may have been a Sexton thing…before KB had any knowledge of it. But by the time he did, SOMEONE (probably on the TCU side…maybe a media insider?) had let it leak and there was no going back. That is what I am saying.

Still feel that way. KB may…may…have taken it anyway. It’s obvious he’s a Texas boy and probably would prefer to have a big time job in the state, at some point. But it’s also clear he and his wife really did like NWA and were happy in Fayetteville, so he may not have moved on this opportunity if it had been kept “in house” and under cover. Once it reached the media and fans, it was too late.

Not the only place I’ve seen/heard this, and I never claimed I had inside information, or that I had sourced any of this directly myself. Did I?

Then…what’s your point? On the regular, 1% or less of the posts you read here (or on other fan boards) DO have direct, inside knowledge of the things we all talk about. The rest of us have our own personal history of observation, and what we hear/read from others. I’ve never claimed otherwise.

I said it was “my take” and it is…based on the things I’ve observed, read, heard and my best guess of what occurred. You are welcome to agree or disagree.