FWIW, McPherson is tweeting

Well, see for yourself.


What are our scholly numbers for '19

There are 14 names on the roster today. As far as I know, 12 of them are on scholarship (Ty Stevens and Emeka Obukwelu are walk-ons). So there is room for one more.

My kids swear he’s in his thirties…lol…they always tell me he’s too old to be playing high school ball.

Has to be good news for us if he re classifies. Doubtful many teams have an open spot this late in the process. I do realize he is a guy you make room for. Can’t be a coincidence we have a slot ready to be taken.

He does have the Greg Oden look as far age goes. And LeBron.

Does this change now that Kansas has offered?

I’m pretty sure Kansas offered several weeks ago. I really feel like we’re gonna get some of these kids.We need to lose the fear!

Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Walker seems like the best bet to get an out of state 5 star and getting recruiting going for Muss. Let’s hope this happens.

Would be great of course.

I hope there is real smoke to this fire.