FWIW, KP says the non-#1 seed

With the best chance to get to Omaha is Arkansas, followed by Gonzaga. Seems like we were seeing those two names together a lot a little over two months ago…

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If we play like we did in the first half of the season, we have a chance

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If they team from the first half shows up they can make it Omaha. But who knows if that team will reappear. The 10 million dollar question?

Arkansas has had a bad six-game stretch. They have played well more recently than just the first half of the season. They beat a regional host twice on its home field three weeks ago.


This team just needs a win to get the stink out of their mouth,win Friday will be just like brushing your teeth first thing in the morning,you feel all fresh and ready to take on the day.Just win Baby!!!


Bad 6 game stretch? How many of the last six series have we lost? Both pitching and hitting have suffered.

But it’s a new ball game now. Get hot at right time, do dome damage, and get to Omaha


Arkansas is 3-3 in its last six series, as I’m sure you know. All three of those series wins were over NCAA regional teams, including at Auburn, a host. Two of the losses were to NCAA teams, including a 1-2 weekend on the home field of the No. 5 overall seed, Texas A&M. The only bad series loss was to Alabama.

Like I said, the bad six-game stretch makes people forget how competitive the team was against good teams for the majority of the season. The performances weren’t flawless, but the Razorbacks found a way to win a lot more than they lost.


Recent memory bias.

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This team needs to forget the regular season, toe the line and start racing again.


They need to remember weekends like LSU and Ole Miss. Forget recent stuff.


My caveat to that is pitching. I don’t think we’ve been pitching well down the stretch. Perhaps well enough to win but I wouldn’t call it a competitive advantage. Our pitching was better the first half of the season.

Hitting can get hot and be contagious. I hope that happens but have some concerns where they face good lefty’s. I think the defense will be fine. Recent errors aren’t characteristic of this team or a DVH team and that’s something that isn’t impacted by fatigue like pitching is.

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