FWIW, Arkansas head coaches after 50 games

Well it’s self evident how much means.

John Pelphrey. The greatest 50 game coach in Hog history

Pel was still playing with Stan’s recruits (Mike Washington and Stef Welsh). And 50 games was almost precisely when his second team imploded after beating OU and Texass (Texass was game 48).

I’ve always wondered what went on in the locker room after we beat Okla and Tex. with the way we just FELL apart the rest of the year.

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Marcus Monk still had basketball eligibility and became the senior leader of that team. Shortly after the wins over Texas and Oklahoma, Monk was deemed ineligible. The young team never recovered and the season ended with a cluster.

It will take a while for the Hogs to reach the level of the early to mid 90’s teams. It may not happen again. But coach Muss gives the team it’s best chance of winning big since Nolan’s great teams.


I’d forgotten about that episode. Maybe it explains why he shopped little bro to Kentucky. Or maybe it was purely financial.

I forgot about Monk becoming ineligible that year

In my totally uninformed opinion.

Financial first.
Other issues second.

I remember him saying it was a business decision on little brother.

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