FWIW...a commonality between the two collapses

In both Mizzou and Va Tech games, Froholdt is injured and then the offense self-destructs.

This year the offense had to be successful or it was painfully obvious that the defense didn’t have enough in the tank to win games.

We need (and I believe this will happen) to strengthen the Oline. I believe we have great talent returning on that side of the ball and experience, too.

The biggest question and problem is the defense. We have talent on that side of the ball! Sosa, Capps, Greenlaw, Scoota Harris, Pulley…Do we have the depth? If not, can we build the stamina to not just endure, but dominate 4 qtrs?

I think Brooks Ellis was a hometown kid who did all the right things, BUT he did not have SEC speed. His football IQ will be missed, but I believe as he moves on the Hogs upgrade the athleticism at that position.

There must be something done on the defensive side of things. What comes next? If DC stays and nothing changes, CBB and DC could be gone (depending on buyout clauses).

This year the Hogs went as the offense carried them. We need a more complete team next year.