Future SEC baseball scheduling

No, but I think some variation of history, rivalry and proximity will go into which teams are selected as permanent opponents.

Not so sure of that…in Baseball.

Football, yeah. But Baseball? Maybe…maybe not. Texas and OU don’t have any real history in Baseball that I’m aware of.

Again, it will be interesting to see what actually happens with these schedules.

Try 223 meetings dating back to 1910. They’ve only played us 114.

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I stand corrected.

Funny that I never remember them laying any baseball games of consequence. I’m sure they’ve played a lot in the Big 12, but they obviously did during the SWC days as well.

i’d take Tennessee and Old Miss as our 2 permanent opponents

We’ll end up with LSU and Mizzou

Actually no,

OU was not in the SWC

Actually, they were. For the first five years of the league (1915-1919). But of course EOE was there for the duration.


I meant accounting for the number of games they had played against each other

In that the large total was not a consequence of SWC play

Better have your ducks in a row, if you challenge Swine. He usually has pretty good info. Just ask him!

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I didn’t do the best job of articulating it, but I meant to say that they played during the days the SWC existed…NOT that those games were conference games in the SWC. Just as most of the Texas-OU football games were played in the SWC era (but were not conference games).

That HAS to have been the time when most of those baseball games were played.

Indeed, he does. But so do I - usually. However, neither of us are infallible.

And I wasn’t “challenging him” in this case. He did, however, correct me on an incorrect perception I had that Texas and OU did not have much of a baseball history.

In thinking about it, I never paid much attention to college baseball in general until Norm re-booted our program and we started doing well in the mid 70’s. So, since then, I’ve kept an eye on things and have long since become an avid fan. But, clearly, Texas and OU played a LOT of games on the diamond before that time and I just never knew/cared.

So, I’ve learned something. Always a good thing.

Another thing

Arkansas actually only competed in the SWC in baseball from 1922-26, and then not again until 1974.

They played baseball before 1974 but were not members of the SWC in baseball

I understand. “Challenge”, may not have been the correct term. Just more of a difference of opinion based on what we know. I don’t mind be corrected or proven wrong as long as it is done in a civil manner, and I actually learn something.

Arkansas made its first NCAA Tournament in 1973 as an independent. It was one of the most pivotal moments in program history because it was what caused the SWC to invite the Razorbacks to join, or so I have been told.

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That’s very interesting, Matt.

I would have thought that if you were already a member of a conference and fielded a team in a sport that the league competed in, you would automatically participate in conference play.

One reason no one in the SWC wanted to play the Razorbacks early on in Norm’s tenure can be seen in this description of the program once Norm took over.

In 1970, 28-year-old Norm DeBriyn was hired after another man took the job but resigned after only one day. DeBriyn inherited a program that played at a dilapidated stadium at the Washington County Fairgrounds, and whose paperwork was contained in a single manila folder. He immediately set about upgrading the program.