Future SEC baseball scheduling

This is a little bit of a surprise to me. I thought we might see a 5-5-5 model or divisions retained. It will create an asymmetrical schedule.

Here is the SEC release:

Hmm. That will be interesting. You know they’ll pair Texas and A&M and Texas and OU. Maybe us and OU?

If we get two permanent, then I want Texas and LSU.

I honestly have no clue yet. There are a lot of great series that won’t be played year to year anymore.

Yeah I’ll agree with that. I kinda suspect we might get LSU and OU. OM probably gets Moo U and LSU. MissStake gets A&M and Bama, Bama gets MSU and Auburn. A&M gets EOE and MSU. Misery probably gets two teams from the East, although it’s also possible they put them on our permanent list.

The rotating part will be interesting. There are 13 other schools to rotate through the 8 slots for each team, so there should be three teams you get two straight years anyway. But then you probably don’t get them for two years after that.

Baseball will become even more brutal …by far the toughest sport

Yeah I agree with us getting LSU and Ole Miss

After thinking about this for a little while, I think Arkansas might get some combination of LSU, Ole Miss, Texas A&M or Oklahoma. I’d be surprised to see Texas be a permanent game — even though it would be a great one — because of Oklahoma and Texas A&M also being in the league.

Someone tried to sell me earlier on Missouri being a permanent series because of proximity. I’m sure Arkansas would love having an easier team on the schedule, but the downside is you would be guaranteed to play at that terrible field every other year.

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I actually said OU, not OM, but that’s possible too. Although I think the Rebnecks would be more likely to get Moo U and LSU.

Matt, the SEC release says that a scheduling format had been previously approved for basketball. You probably wrote on that. Do you have a link to what the format will be?

Two permanent rivals which you play home and home, one rotating rival home and home, play the other 12 once each. Tournament remains basically the same format, only with two more games; top four still get double byes.

I’m not hugely thrilled with that plan, but if you were going to stick with 18 games there weren’t many options: This, or three permanent home and homes and no rotation, or rotate all of them through home and home (3 per year) which would take 5+ years. Or something crazy where you don’t play everybody every year.

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Yes you did! I’m so used to seeing O an automatically thinking a M is going behind it, now I’ll have to get used to a U being there too.

Yeah I can see some confusion between OU and OM. May have to go with Mobilehoma or Zero U to avoid that.

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Well to be honest with you I was on my way out the door to the gym when I posted that so I really didn’t look at that close.:slightly_smiling_face:

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A small price to pay, especially if scheduled later in the season…

Does it have to be from your current Western division teams? Could Arkansas not be paired with Tennessee and Vanderbilt for instance? Not saying they will, but would that be a possibility of an Eastern division team?

They could, but geographic proximity means reduced travel cost. And they’re always looking for that.

Just seeing this thread, and my immediate reaction was Ole Miss for sure…and then probably OU.

Will be interesting to see what the come up with.

I thought of that, but then you know Ole Miss will have to play the Leghumpers, and the Rebnecks and LSU have a deep and abiding hate for each other in every sport. With only two permanent rivals, that doesn’t leave room for us. Texas will get OU and A&M, guaranteed, so they’re out. Which leaves one OU spot for us. And then we get either LSU or Misery.