Future Recruit for 2019: Treylon Burks

Got to watch Treylon Burks in the playoff game at Prairie Grove this past Friday. Without a doubt the best HS player I have seen this year. I had heard of him and was expecting to see a lanky 6-3 sophomore. He looks ready to step on a college field now. If there is a better player in the state I would like to see him.

He had several catches and multiple TD’s - one a one-handed finger-tip catch that he somehow made and regained his balance to score on a long gain. He also had 13 tackles from what I would call an outside linebacker position - although he is listed as a DE on defense.

Looked like he weighed 210 to 215 and not like a sophomore at all. Looks like a big SEC receiver now - imagine it will be more so in a couple of years.

Hope to see him in a Hog uniform in a couple of years.

Warren had several other good looking athletes as well - big linemen, a good qb and another receiver who made a few catches.

He’s the real deal. I saw him against Little Rock Christian and it just took a play or two to know he was special.