Future Razorback OF Matt Goodheart revels in Arkansas' CWS success (story)...

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I think this guy’s going to be a great player for us I looked at his video and he looks like he has a great swing and apparently a great athlete I can see him starting in right field next year

I sure hope he has a good season next year! You always need to add talent in each recruiting class. This young man may come in and compete for playing time. One thing for sure Coach DVH will give him the chance. He sure looks like he can play.

I have a question. What is the update on the kid who was all world from Texas. He was injured and couldn’t play the outfield but supposedly could possibly DH. He was supposed to be some kind of fantastic hitter. What has happened to him?

I asked Matt about him the other day Cole Turney is his name and he’s already in a summer league and has played 19 games hitting about .160 with 3 hrs and bunch of strikeouts.will take hi a while to get used to hitting live pitching.has to get to where he can throw still i think.I still hold out hope for him to at least DH the guy was the #1 recruit in the nation maybe a Spanberger type deal who you will remember was awful in the beginning and all of the sudden the light switch came on and never went out!