Future Razorback Coaches?

In this slow football time, I thought I would ask a question that could impact the long term success of the Football Program. Are there any Ex-Razorbacks working their way through the coaching ranks that potentially could be a future Head Coach in demand?

I saw the article on Kirby Smart, who returned to his alma mater. Many think eventually Bama will try to replace Saban with Dabo when the time comes. We’ve had great coaches with Arkansas ties out there like Jimmy Johnson, Butch Davis, and Ken Hatfield. Only Hatfield got the opportunity to return. HDN also played for Arkansas, temporarily, and was a rising commodity when he was hired.

I used to think that Lunney might be one of those guys, but he seems stuck at Tight Ends coach and not really progressing through the ranks. Who else is out there making a name for themselves that could potentially return home to coach the Razorbacks some day?

I know I have read quotes from CBB that Lunney is a future O-coordinator. Maybe not at Arkansas at first but somewhere. He has done it before with Fits and San Jose St. i think.

Dowell Loggains, who is now OC for the Chicago Bears is a possibility down the road. He’s only about 36-37 years old.

It’s hard to imagine hiring anyone without Head Coaching experience.

When here, Loggains said his goal was to coach the Razorbacks. Of course, that was before doing well in the NFL. All at the time said he had “it”.

According to this article, Loggains is headed for an NFL head coaching gig soon.

http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/1995 … -offseason

We have a good coach - I’m not talking about another coach until Coach Bret finds a way to lose the job

I’m all in

I don’t think the problem is coaching this time - this isn’t Coach (This team belongs to the whole state of Alabama) Smith

Dowell is a brilliant young coach. He has a brilliant mind. He’s one of my personal favorites. I try to keep up with him and drop him a line now and then. He helped set up my interview three weeks ago with Jim Washburn. Jeremiah Washburn is on Dowell’s offensive staff with the Bears coaching the O-line.

Steadman Campbell is an offensive coordinator at North Alabama. He’s a good young coach. North Alabama, I think, just made the decision to go DI-AA. Steadman, for those who have forgotten, is Louis Campbell’s youngest son. He played at Arkansas until an ankle injury ended his career.

I understand that George Stewart may be interested just as soon as he’s vested in his NFL pension. :wink:

It seems that tight ends coach is the token Razorback alum coaching position. Lunney and Horton held that position so Long can say he has hired an alum. It seems they are also the lowest paid coaches. In years gone by we would have several coaches with connections to the program or Arkansas high school coaches. That does not seem important in the new regime.

My question had nothing to do with CBB. I am a huge fan of his. I was just wondering what young coaches with Arkansas ties are out there working their way up. Someday we will be looking for a new coach and it would be nice to have a hot commodity coach out there that has ties to Arkansas. Sorry if you thought I was talking about getting rid of CBB. I wasn’t.