Future Maui Invitations

I know the teams are invited years in advance, but wonder how tourney officials felt about the confrontation (and CEM’s outbursts in previous game/post presser)… and how that might influence future invites for Ark and/or sdsu.

I think we know the answer to that

By the time we might be up for consideration again (probably 2025 or 2026) it will be ancient history. The tourney organizers know that Hog fans will show up, which is a consideration from their point of view. More than anything else, if ESPN wants us in the tournament, we’ll get in. We had two of the best games on the air the last couple of days, and Muss keeps bringing in the talent, so my guess is no one will care about that stuff.


Probably right. Maybe they’ll even match us up with the aztecs in opening round…would definitely make for good tv.

Those were Sweet 16 (at least) level games. In November.


This was the closest attention I have paid in a long time to non ncaa tournament action, but it had the feel pretty quickly of that level of competition and intensity. I loved it except for our loss…and the other stuff.

Those games provided the test our hogs needed!
There’s tape for Muss and the staff to break down and make adjustments and changes for future Offense and defense. Those 2 battle will pay dividends down the road. It also gave the players a wake up call to value each possession.


I wonder how tournament officials feel about Aztec fans storming our dressing room. Reported from an eyewitness on the scene. According to the eyewitness they were violent.


The invitations do come years in advance. Like 6 years from now coming this year. I am guessing neither team from the late game will get an invite soon.

As far as attendance, it’s been my experience that the stands are always full. Not a big gym. Not hard to sell the tickets.

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If we skipped the middle game and sold our tix on vivid we could have financed our trip. Some $3,000 per ticket I’m told.

Matt’s article here and the response from the tourney officials certainly make it seem like no big deal. The tourney response is directed at one or more SDS fans and that it was isolated and the person or persons were evicted. No mention of any altercation between Muss, his staff or the SDS staff. I think we’ve made a mountain out of a mole hill.


SI Weighs in. . . .

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The Maui Invitational has an SEC team every season and teams typically go at least eight or nine years before trips there. I’d be willing to bet Arkansas will be invited back by the early 2030s.

I couldn’t agree more, with all of that.

He absolutely won’t apologize but he should, to his players. This is not the national media attention they deserve after their performance in Maui. Nor do they deserve having the worlds largest target on our back now.

Got a feeling even if Muss did apologize, it wouldn’t be enough for you. I bet your upset Hunter didn’t call and fire Muss before he got on the plane. Please spare us the phony outrage and pearl clutching. This will forgotten by the next game. Except for people who really didn’t like Muss’s hiring in the first place. Oh my goodness! What will Paul Finebaum and Dari Noka say!


This is Yellowstone level horse sh*t … L



All the details in that article were taken from the San Diego Tribune paper. Nothing first-hand in it. Nothing about the San Diego fan trying to be restrained by a San Diego St assistant coach. Totally one-sided hearsay.


Why are you so upset, man? You have no idea what actually went down. Are you gonna just let someone drop F bombs in your face? I’m not. Relax and move on.

Go Hogs!


That FanNation bunch that writes about the Hogs are worse than hacks. I completely ignore them.