Future lady Razorback

She finished with 31 and was named the MVP of the tournament.


Sweet stroke!! Looking forward to watching her play


YES! She has a really quick release on her 3s. She also can hit those 3s off the bounce, with seemingly little effort. Uses her legs well in the shot. In that video, I think she has the best looking 3 of any Lady Razorback player I’ve seen in these last few years.

Notice I said “best looking shot”. She’ll still have to prove that she can make it consistently against really good SEC defenders. We’ve had several girls prove that in the last few years.

I’m excited to see her next season.


Wow….what a quick release!!!

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her tourney and competitor, ava jones, who is also iowa commit was severely injured, her dad died after the tournament in a car accident perpetrated by an impaired driver. Really sucks because that SW Elite team all comment on family and now are left with a memory of pain.

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That is very sad.

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Geez, that’s terrible. The family was just standing on a sidewalk and the car drove into them.

Sickening. The guy will go to jail and he ruined the lives of a family.

Oh my. My daughter and family are in Louisville for our grandson’s AAU games at the same venue. Prayers for the family. So sad. I’ll bet the Louisville community comes together to help all they can.

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