Future Hog Hooper stats

Joseph Pinion 28 pts (11-16 FG, 2-4 3pt,4-5 FT), 10 rebs, 5 ast, 7 stls

Derrian Ford 18 pts (7-12, 1-3 3)( 3-6 FT) 6 rebs, 3 assts, 1 steal

Really like Ford how do you think he compares with Devo??

I wanna know how in the world D Ford isn’t a 5-star? Is it becuz Magnolia is only a 5A school? His athleticism and quickness is ELITE. Arkansas hasn’t had a guard like him since, well, probably Darrell Walker and Alvin Robinson.

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Drove over to Magnolia tonight to catch the game. 4th game this year we’ve seen of Ford’s. Not Richard, of course, but I’d say……

The comparisons I’ll make between Ford and Devo are:

  • They are both from Arkansas
  • They are both about 6’ 4”
  • They are both left handed
  • They both can elevate impressively
  • They both have the tools to be great defenders.

The differences that I see are:

  • Ford handles the ball significantly better than Devo.
  • Ford sees the floor better than Devo.
  • Ford has a stronger body, and can play through contact better than Devo.
  • Ford turns the ball over much less than Devo.
  • Unlike Devo, Ford is a natural fit at PG
  • Ford has an improving jumper (he’s a good, but not great shooter), and is a better shooter than Devo.
  • Ford is a scorer, unlike Devo who can score.

Thank you so very much for the detail report…one thing I’ve heard about Ford is he’s not a very good free throw shooter which concerns me, but you’re right he is a much better ball handler, hopefully he will continue to get his shot down to where he can be inside outside threat.

I agree

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